In the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, in the much-anticipated war between Britain and Afghanistan, Maradona staged the famous Hand of God, which became a classic scene in the history of the World Cup.

Image source: Visual China

  According to reports, the ball used by the late football legend and Argentine king Maradona's "Hand of God" is planned to continue to be auctioned in the United States on February 8 this year, with a starting price of US$600,000.

Last year, the jersey worn by Maradona's "Hand of God" was auctioned for a high price of 7 million pounds.

  In the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Mexico in 1986, the Argentine team eliminated the England team. Maradona performed the famous "Hand of God" in the game, and the game ball that created this historical classic moment will be auctioned in the United States. The starting price It's $600,000.

It is worth mentioning that this ball was auctioned in London two months ago. Although someone was willing to bid 2 million pounds at that time, it was not sold successfully.

The person in charge of the auction company said: "This football represents the most iconic moment in football history. With Messi leading the Argentine team to win the World Cup in Qatar, we look forward to people's understanding of Maradona's legend and this ball. Renew interest."

  (Guangzhou Daily all-media reporter Zhou Wanqi)