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Accused of rape and in pre-trial detention since Friday, Brazilian footballer Dani Alves was transferred on Monday to a nearby prison near Barcelona with smaller buildings in order to "guarantee security and normal cohabitation" within the centre, officials said. prison sources.

Incarcerated since last Friday, Dani Alves will have to change prison.

The former Brazilian right side of FC Barcelona will have to move to Brians 2 prison, next to Barcelona.

The former player of the Mexican club Pumas was first taken to Brians 1 prison on Friday, some 40 kilometers from the great Catalan metropolis.

But to better ensure the security and proper functioning of the prison pavilions where the prisoners live, the Catalan prison authorities have decided to transfer the 39-year-old player to Brians 2 prison, which adjoins the one where he was until then. specified by these same sources.


- Dani Alves remanded in custody in Spain for alleged sexual assault

smaller prison

This penal center houses more inmates, but the buildings where they are incarcerated are smaller, with an average of 80 prisoners per unit compared to around 200 in Brians 1. This smaller size lends itself better to housing famous inmates like Dani Alves , indicated these penitentiary sources, assuring that no incident was at the origin of this transfer.

After submitting to an assessment by the agents of the new center, Alves should in principle share a cell with another inmate for the next few days.

The relatives of the former Brazilian international, who deny the facts of which he is accused, plan to file an appeal against his placement in pre-trial detention decided on Friday by a judge for an "alleged offense of sexual assault", which, in the Spanish penal code, includes rape.

A young woman accuses Alves of raping her at the end of December in the toilets of a fashionable Barcelona nightclub, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The contradictions in the player's speech and the risk of flight abroad were decisive in the judge's decision, said the same source.

A few hours after the announcement of his indictment, the Mexican club Pumas announced that it was terminating the contract of Dani Alves, initially scheduled to last until June 2023.