The Korean men's handball team won two consecutive victories in the ranking match of the 28th International Handball Federation (IHF) World Championships.

Korea, led by coach Hollando Freitas (Portugal), defeated Saudi Arabia by 34 cars in the second round of Group 1 of the 25th to 32nd place match (Presidents Cup) on the 10th day of the tournament held in Płowtsk, Poland on the 20th (local time). 23 was a big win.

Korea, which won the Presidents Cup two times in a row, took first place in Group 1.

In this tournament, in which 32 countries participated, the bottom of each group in the first group stage will gather to play the Presidents Cup, which corresponds to the 25th to 32nd place matches.

South Korea, which had been pushed back to the Presidents Cup after losing three consecutive times to European countries such as Hungary, Portugal, and Iceland, defeated Uruguay 37-30 two days ago, and even set Saudi Arabia on the same day.

In Korea, Jang Dong-hyun (SK) scored 11 goals alone, and goalkeeper Kim Dong-wook (Doosan) also made a save with 14 saves and an ERA of 40%.

Korea will face off against Chile on the 22nd for first place in the group, and if it comes in first place in the group, it will go to the 25th to 26th place, and if it is in second place, it will play the match for the 27th to 28th place.

(Photo = Courtesy of the International Handball Federation, Yonhap News)