Rögle had climbed to sixth place after winning three straight in the SHL.

The idea was to extend that streak when Linköping came to visit, a Linköping that had lost its last three away games.

But tonight it was much tougher.

Led big after the second period

Linköping got off to a flying start in the second period and scored 4-1 already in the second period through Vilmos Gallo, who scored his twelfth goal of the season.

At the end of the second period, Rögle got in touch when Linus Sandin scored 2-4 in the power play.

- A little up and down.

When we get the puck down deep and are strong, I think it looks good.

Maybe we need a little more people in front of the goal, says Rögle's goalscorer Sandin during the break after the second period.

"We care a little too much"

Rögle then crept closer to another reduction in the third period, but never came close.

- It is a tough team to face, they are sharp when they get chances.

We are careless a little too much and then it hits backwards, says Rögle's Oliver Tärnström after the final whistle.

Extended the lead

With seven minutes left, Linköping extended the lead when Patrick Russell worked his way to the puck in a duel with William Wallinder and in a two-on-one situation served Christoffer Ehn who poked the final score 2-6.

- I think we play a great away game over 60 minutes and are strong in front of both goals.

We have played well the last few games, it's nice that we got to score a few goals and take three very important points, says Linköping's Christoffer Ehn.