The Japan national rugby team will hold a test match against Italy, ranked 12th in the world, in August ahead of the World Cup, which will open in France this September.

The Japan national rugby team, ranked 10th in the world rankings, is strengthening its preparations for the World Cup, which will start in France this September, and is aiming for a record-high top 4, surpassing the previous top 8.

The Japan Rugby Union announced on the 19th that it will hold a test match in Italy on August 26th as part of its preparations for the tournament.

About two weeks after this test match, on September 10th, Japan will face Chile, which will be their first match in the World Cup first league. increase.

Japan has faced Italy eight times in the past since 1976, losing 2 wins and 6 losses.

Jamie Joseph, head coach of the Japan national team, said, "The Italian national team beat the Wales and Australian national teams last year and are in great shape. We will gain a lot from playing against the Italian national team. Ahead of the World Cup first match. I would like to gain momentum by doing so,” he commented.

Japan entered Group D in the first round of the World Cup,

and faced

England, ranked 5th in the world and runner-up in the previous tournament

, Argentina, ranked 8th in the

world, Samoa, ranked 11th in the world, and Chile, ranked 22nd in the world.