• Cristiano Ronaldo King of Riyadh, a whim of Arabia and a pinch of 300,000 million to invest: "It is part of Vision 2030"

The most desired image of recent years in European football was finally bought by

Saudi Arabia

, in yet another demonstration that money can do anything in this sport.


's Al




Cristiano Ronaldo

a couple of weeks ago and the country's

Ministry of Sports

was in charge of convincing (and paying 10 million euros)


of his now friend

Nasser Al-Khelaifi

, a neighbor of


, to to travel to the desert and give his fans what they wanted the most:

the last Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Leo Messi



All-Star from the Saudi league, with players from Al-Nassr and Al-Hilal,




The two best footballers of the last decade have not met since December 2020, when

Cristiano's Juventus overwhelmed Barça

at the Camp Nou in the

Champions League

group stage : 0-3 with a double from the Portuguese.

In their 37th match (

16 wins for Messi, 11 for Cristiano

and 9 draws), both saw the goal again.

The Argentine put his team ahead at the start of the clash and added his


goal against his rival, while Ronaldo, who has 21 in his duels against Messi, scored two and

equaled his 'enemy's 23



goal tie

that reflects the eternal competition they have experienced during their careers.

Beyond the individual statistics,

Cristiano has won five Champions

Leagues , one European Championship and five Ballon d'Ors, while


four 'orejonas',

one World Cup

, one Copa América and seven Ballon d'Ors.

On the pitch of

the King Fahd Stadium in Riyadh

, which four days ago was the venue for the

Spanish Super Cup

, Messi and Cristiano greeted each other in a friendly way.

More affectionate were the Portuguese and

Sergio Ramos

, former teammates for so many years in Madrid.

Both joked before the initial whistle.

The stadium hung a 'no tickets' sign and a Saudi real estate magnate paid

2.6 million euros

to buy a ticket for the match at auction, which also included a photo session with the players and access to the changing rooms.

The fans expected a win by the French team and they found a

very even match


Messi scored at minute 3 after a pass from Neymar, Cristiano equalized from a penalty at minute 34 after taking a hit from Keylor Navas, and


ended up sent off at minute 40 to even things out.


scored at minute 43,


missed a penalty at minute 45 and Cristiano made it 2-2 after first half discount.

After the intermission, Ramos broke the tie and Jang Hyun-Soo put the tables again until Mbappé put PSG ahead again at minute 60.


sentenced (3-5) at minute 78 and


closed the gap, although no longer Time for more, in '94.

After his presentation, it is Cristiano's second great 'act' in Arabia, where he has committed himself to Al-Nassr for two and a half years and

200 million euros

, and it is assumed that he will later become

ambassador of the Saudi candidacy

to the organization of the 2030 World Cup.

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