When is the Cross Country WC 2023?

The Long Distance WC opens on 21 February 2023 and ends on 5 March.

Where will the cross country WC 2023 be decided?

For the first time, Slovenia is hosting the World Ski Championships, which includes cross-country skiing.

All competitions are decided in the ski resort of Planica.

Competition program cross-country WC 2023

Wednesday 22 February

12.00: Qualification race, 5 km, ladies, freestyle

1.30 p.m.: Qualification race, 10 km, men, freestyle

Thursday 23 February

12.00: Sprint, women's and men's, classic style, qualifying

14.30: Sprint, women's and men's, classic style, finals

Friday 24 February

15.30: Skiathlon, 30 km, men

Saturday 25 February

14.00: Skiathlon, 15 km, ladies

Sunday 26 February

11.30: Sprint relay, ladies and gents, freestyle, qualifying

13.30: Sprint relay, ladies and gents, freestyle, finals

Tuesday 28 February

12.30: 10 km, ladies, freestyle

Wednesday March 1

12.30: 15 km, men, freestyle

Thursday March 2

12.30: Relay, ladies, 4x5 km

Friday March 3

12.30: Relay, men, 4x10 km

Saturday, March 4

12.00: 30 km, ladies, classic style

Sunday, March 5

12.00: 50 km, men, classic style

Sweden's squad for the cross country WC 2023

Ladies: Ebba Andersson, Maja Dahlqvist, Johanna Hagström, Moa Ilar, Frida Karlsson, Emma Ribom, Jonna Sundling

Men: Edvin Anger, Calle Halfvarsson, William Poromaa

The rest of the squad will be announced later.

Sweden's results in the cross-country WC 2021

Sweden came third in the medal league with two gold, two silver and three bronze.

The gold was won by Jonna Sundling in the sprint and Sundling together with Maja Dahlqvist in the sprint relay.

Frida Karlsson took two silvers and a bronze.

Ebba Andersson took two bronzes.

In addition to cross-country skiing, there are also the WC in ski jumping and Nordic combined in Planica at the same time.

Back jumper Frida Westman is a Swedish medalist.

CUT: 60 seconds: Collapse and victories - this is how Frida Karlsson won the Tour de Ski

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See Frida Karlsson's path to the Tour de Ski Photo: Bildbyrån