, Beijing, January 16th (Reporter Xing Rui) Speaking of Messi's name, whether you watch football or not, you have more or less heard of his superb skills.

For example, in the Qatar World Cup, Messi led the Argentine team all the way to win the Hercules Cup, and was named the best player in this World Cup after the game.

  According to statistics, Messi scored a total of seven goals in seven games in the World Cup in Qatar, ranking second in the scorer list.

Although it can't be said that scoring goals is hemp, the scoring efficiency is definitely not low.

  It is such a world-class striker who stood in the position of the midfielder in the Paris match against Rennes a few days ago.

So much so that when they saw the words "Messi kicked the midfielder", the first reaction of many people was——

Whose waist did Messi kick...

Data map: In the early morning of December 19th, Beijing time, in the final of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, the Argentine team defeated the French team with a total score of 7:5 and won the Hercules Cup.

  On the football field, the striker is generally responsible for the offense, and the midfielder is responsible for the team's interception and defense.

What is the concept of switching from a striker to a midfielder?

This is equivalent to the main attacker in a volleyball game being a free agent.

In Zhao Benshan's words: "A rooster wants to lay eggs, it's not his job but let him do it."

  The game scene that day was also quite funny: Messi, who was far away from the opponent's penalty area, actually contributed 3 shots.

Of course, because the distance is too far, Messi didn't score a goal...

  In the 69th minute, Messi took the ball in the backcourt and then sent a beautiful long pass of 30 meters. The ball went over the head of the opponent's defender and fell impartially at the feet of Mbappe. The latter accelerated into the penalty area and shot, but unfortunately The ball went above the crossbar and flew... In the end, Paris lost to Rennes 0:1.

  Netizens expressed their incomprehension after seeing the formation of troops in Paris.

To be honest, the editor saw the entry "Messi kicked the midfielder" on the hot search, and the first reaction was the picture of which player Messi kicked the waist...

  Some people say that letting Messi play as a midfielder is a waste of money and a waste of talents.

But football is a team sport, and it pays attention to the balance of offense and defense. There is no way to win with offense and defense, and defense without offense.

It is also very common for players to change their positions on the field when looking at world football.

Those all-round players who can play different positions are also known as the "magic oil" in football.

  For example, former England goalkeeper David James occasionally played as a striker in addition to his goalkeeping job.

  In the last round of the Premier League in 2005, Manchester City drew 1:1 with Middlesbrough at home.

At the end of the game, David James put on the No. 1 jersey of the outfield goalkeeper and made a penalty.

It's a pity that this penalty was missed by his teammates in the end.

Data map: The match between Belgium (red) and Canada in the first round of Group F of the 2022 Qatar World Cup group match was held at the Ahmed Ben Ali Stadium in Doha.

In the end, the Belgian team defeated the Canadian team 1:0.

The picture shows the Belgian player De Bruyne (right) attacking.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  The Spanish star Guti can play as a striker, attacking midfielder, central defender, and defensive midfielder on the field.

As a "generalist" on the field, Guti was crowned the La Liga assist king, and also led the transitional Real Madrid to defend the La Liga title.

  "General Fan" Fan Zhiyi, whom Chinese fans love, is also a representative of the "panacea" players.

As a striker, he won the A top scorer.

As the leader of the defense during his stay abroad, Fan Zhiyi was also one of the souls of the Crystal Palace.

  Active player De Bruyne also played as a striker when he debuted.

Later, the coach discovered his excellent passing vision, and today De Bruyne has become one of the strongest midfielders in world football.

Data map: On September 29th, Beijing time, in the second round of Group A of the UEFA Champions League group stage, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Manchester City 2-0 at home, ushering in the first Champions League victory of the season. Messi also scored his first goal in Paris.

Messi lay directly on the ground as a wall in stoppage time, ready to block the opponent's low ball shot.

  Messi's wonderful performance in the midfielder position actually proves from the side that he is a player with comprehensive skills.

Due to the injury of the Italian midfielder Verratti, Paris' formation is stretched.

Messi's cameo as a defensive midfielder may also be the coach's helpless move.

  As far as Messi himself is concerned, he has already collected all the gold-rich trophies in world football.

Today's Messi may just simply enjoy the joy of football.

No matter where he is, Messi's greatest wish may be to help the team win.

(Reporter Xing Rui)