In the 78th minute of the “Manchester” derby between United and its guest, City, and while the result indicated that the guests advanced with a clean goal, Bruno Fernandez, the United player, scored a controversial goal, and it seems that the conversation about him and him will not end.

The story of the goal - which was a pivotal station - says that the Brazilian Casemiro passed a long ball to Marcus Rashford, but he was offside and knew that, and that is why he did not touch the ball even though he was running towards it.

Although the assistant referee raised his flag announcing an infiltration, the "mouse" referee summoned his main colleague and told him that the goal was legitimate and correct, after which he opened the door to debate, discussion and controversy wide over the validity of this goal or not.

Former international and World Cup referee Jamal Al-Sharif confirms that the goal is correct because "the player in an offside position did not interfere with the defender, meaning that it did not affect him or weaken his ability to compete, so the offside player's run behind the ball is not considered a violation."

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In turn, the former Egyptian football star and BN Sports analyst, Mohamed Abu Trika, described Fernandez's goal as a "comedy" and should be canceled because Rashford interfered in the game and affected the game and was involved in it, and although he did not touch the ball, "the effect was not touch, but move.

On the other hand, Tariq Al-Jalahma, a sports analyst for the same channels, considered that "the goal is correct."

In the same context, Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola insisted that Rashford affected his team's defenders and added, "Rashford was offside, unlike Fernandez. Rashford affected the goalkeeper and the heart of the defense. We know where we play. A difficult place for referees in these stadiums."

In turn, Dutchman Eric Tan Hag explained that the law is clear and explicit and confirms that "Marcus did not touch the ball and did not interfere in the game. Bruno (Fernandez) came from behind and scored the goal."

With this victory, the number of United victories reached 9 in a row, which is the longest series of victories in all competitions in the history of the "Red Devils".

The "Manu" has only lost once in 19 games since losing to Manchester City 6-3 at the beginning of last October.

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Rashford - who awarded the winning goal to his team - scored 8 goals in 7 matches to lead his team to third place in the Premier League table, just one point behind second-placed Manchester City.