The referee's calculation of an "illegal" goal sparked controversy in Italy during an amateur league match, and the club that benefited from the decision demanded a rematch, and its coach announced his resignation from his position because he and his players were subjected to harsh criticism, against the background of their celebration of the goal.

The only controversial goal of the match was scored during the match in which the “Calcio Castellana” team defeated Nucataro in the first division of the regional group, in the city of Bolivia, in southeastern Italy.

The goal - which the Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera" described as a "ghost" - was widely circulated on social media.

One of Calcio Castellana's players sent a cross close to the opposing team's goal, but his colleague Sabbatelli hit the net from outside.

Everyone was surprised by the referee, Andrea Romano, who counted the ball as a goal, so that Calcio Castellana players celebrated, amid great objections from their counterparts in Nukataro.

Calcia fuori ma l'arbitro assegna il gol: otto minuti di proteste - [IL VIDEO]#Noicattaro–#Castellana #Puglia

- Calcio Totale (@CalcioTotale14) January 8, 2023

A number of members of the Nukataro team's administrative staff entered the field and joined their players to protest the referee's decision, which insisted on awarding the goal.

The referee was not satisfied with that, but rather raised the red card in the face of one of the protesting administrators before the match was completed.

Request a rematch

In the same context, Giuseppe Pellegrino, president of Calcio Castellana, admitted that the goal that gave his team victory was incorrect.

Pellegrino said, "We checked the shot clearly, it seems that the referee made a visual error and mistakenly saw that the ball entered the goal and awarded us the goal, and thus made us win the match."

The Italian newspaper confirmed that the club's management and president Pellegrino submitted a request to the local federation responsible for organizing the tournament to replay the match, despite winning it.

However, this did not prevent Nukataro's coach Francesco Angioli from expressing his anger, expressing his surprise at the opposing team's celebration of an illegal goal.

"The pictures speak for themselves, and they also spread through social media. In fact, we are very angry," Angioli said.

He explained, "They are completely angry at the behavior of the Castellana coach. How did he do it and celebrate a non-existent goal?!".

Later, Calcio Castellana coach Davide Cassano announced his resignation after he was criticized for the celebration, which was considered inappropriate by the coach and his players, despite their certainty that it was "fake".