The preparation of the Asian Games brings more benefits to the masses (Sports Guanlan)

  A successful Asian Games will make the city more beautiful and benefit the masses. The Hangzhou Asian Games is worth looking forward to

  For a period of time, Hangzhou citizens who live by the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal have increasingly felt the convenience of fitness brought by the canal greenway.

  People's initial satisfaction comes from the 30.4-kilometer greenway from Fengqi Road to Shixiang Road on both sides of the canal, and the immediate pleasure comes from the convenience of the embedded sports field, the comfort of the jogging track, and "repairing the old as the old, retaining the texture" "The intimacy that comes with principles.

  The construction of the Hangzhou Canal Greenway is not simply to break through the blocking points, but to start from the needs of the masses, polish the details in accordance with high standards and strict requirements, strive to show the cultural charm of the canal delicately, and strive to allow the masses to fully enjoy it in the continuous high-quality public space The joy of sports and leisure.

  Moving from both sides of the canal to the Fuchun River, the Fuyang Water Sports Center, located on the south bank of the North Branch River on Dongzhou Island, Fuyang District, Hangzhou, has become a place frequently visited by tourists.

Known as "the most beautiful aquatic venue for the Asian Games", this newly-built venue will not only host Asian Games events such as rowing and kayaking (still water, slalom), but will also become a leisure and entertainment venue open to the public after the Asian Games.

In June last year, the Fuyang Aquatic Center was officially opened to the public. The Aquatic Center and Slalom are free to visit for a limited time. In the future, water sports and fitness and Beizhi River night tours are expected to be added.

  It is worth mentioning that the Hangzhou Canal Greenway recently entered the list of the sixth "Zhejiang Most Beautiful Greenway", and Fuyang Water Sports Center was included in the 2022 Zhejiang Provincial Construction Project Qianjiang Cup (Quality Project) list.

These two honors make people can't help but think about the realistic topic of "what will the Hangzhou Asian Games leave behind".

Looking at it now, the context of scientifically promoting the preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games is very clear: that is, the high standards of Asian Games preparations are mostly for the benefit of the masses.

  The 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games has been postponed to this year.

With more time to prepare and run in for a longer period of time, in terms of event operation, there should be new progress and new improvements in the understanding of the rules of running the game and the control of key details; The work orientation of being practical and solving problems will continue to work towards a bluer sky, clearer water, and more beautiful scenery, bringing more benefits to the masses.

  The postponement of the Hangzhou Asian Games also gives us the opportunity to look at the competition with a longer-term perspective and take more pragmatic actions to organize the competition.

The construction of the greenway has been kept improving, and the venues have been opened in a timely and orderly manner. Not only has the rhythm of the competition been steadily grasped, but it has also truly complied with public opinion and benefited the people's livelihood, so it has been widely acclaimed.

A successful Asian Games will make the city more beautiful and benefit the masses. The Hangzhou Asian Games is worth looking forward to.

  "People's Daily" (15th Edition, January 12, 2023)