, Hangzhou, January 11 (Wang Yifei) On the 11th, the reporter learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau that the bureau plans to open various sports events to all audiences after March.

Prior to this, relevant sports events in the province still followed the principles of "not prohibited", "not advocated" and "not held".

  On January 8, the new crown virus infection was officially adjusted from "Class B and A management" to "Class B and B management", which also drew attention to whether relevant sports event policies in various places have changed.

  The person in charge of the competition department of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau said, "At present, the relevant sports events in our province still follow the principles of 'not prohibited', 'not promoted' and 'not held'. The province does not strictly prohibit the holding of various sports events. All kinds of highly competitive sports events will be held, and all kinds of sports competitions at the provincial level will not be held before March in principle."

  It is reported that considering that competitive competitions have a certain intensity, and most people cannot carry out strenuous exercise during the recovery period after "Yangkang", Zhejiang did not quickly open the "door" to the competition.

The Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau plans to open various sports events to all audiences after March. The bureau will release specific relevant matters on its official website in time.

  The above-mentioned person in charge said that in addition to being open to spectators after March, all sports events in Zhejiang Province will be strictly and orderly implemented and declared in accordance with the newly revised "Sports Events Management Measures" issued by the State Sports General Administration, so as to prevent and resolve sports events Safety risks and hidden dangers and improve the supervision mechanism of sports events.