Eui-ji Yang, who returned to his former team Doosan after 4 years, held a ceremony today (11th).

He also revealed his determination to participate in the World Baseball Classic in March.

This is Reporter Bae Jeong-hoon.


Yang Eui-ji, who returned to Doosan after four years, is already thrilled to hear the old cheering song again.

[Yang Eui-ji/Doosan catcher: (Doosan cheering song) It lingers a little in my ears and it does.

When that cheering song comes out in the first at-bat, he thinks a lot of goosebumps...


In an unusual way, he brought his young daughter to the initiation ceremony and showed the proud image of a father.

[Yang Eui-ji/Doosan catcher: Since our first child entered school, he knew a lot when he was an elementary school student.

I think it's the most meaningful to be able to show his father's cool side, a side he can be proud of...


He also revealed his determination for the WBC.

Yang Eui-ji is one of the best hitters on the field, but in international competitions, he was criticized for being a 'domestic hitter' for his career batting average of 10.6 and 9 li with only one home run.

So this time, I promise to restore my honor without fail.

[Yang Eui-ji/Doosan catcher: I didn't get good results in the national team, so I'm preparing well to recover my honor and sharpening my sword so that I can play a good game.]

His performance as the main host is directly related to the restoration of the honor of Korean baseball. I know very well that

[Yang Eui-ji / Doosan catcher: I started technical training a little earlier than before for the WBC, but I think there will be good results if I quickly improve my physical condition and apply well so that I don't become a nuisance to the team.]

(Video coverage: Jang Woon-seok , video editing: Nam Il)