It seems that the shot of Argentine star Lionel Messi lifting the 2022 World Cup, wearing the Qatari "bisht", will be immortalized not only in the memory of the World Cup, but also in Argentina's present and future.

Although less than a month has passed since Argentina won the most expensive title after winning the final over France on penalties, Messi's wearing of the Qatari bisht and his lifting of the gold cup in the Lusail stadium has not yet been forgotten in the "Tango" country.

Social networking sites invaded a video clip of children in Argentina celebrating their girlfriend's birthday in a strange way, as they all wore the "Albacilite" shirt, and the girl - the owner of the party - wore an outfit similar to the "Qatari bisht" while carrying a model of the World Cup.

Kids celebrating B'day in Argentina's World Cup celebration theme 😍😍

- #World Champion ⭐️⭐️⭐️🏆 (@HD_Moorthy) January 10, 2023

And to the tune of the famous song for the Argentine fans, the girl walked slowly towards her friends and when she stood in front of them, she raised the cup in the "bolga" way.

It is noteworthy that this way of celebrating - accompanied by the phrase "Shill, O long life, chill" by Tunisian commentator Issam Chawali - spread like wildfire on Arab communication sites, and was adopted by many in their celebrations, the last of whom was a graduate of Kuwait University.

15 days.. half a month until the greatest moment, Sheil, long-lived Sheiel❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- (@xHFCs_) January 2, 2023

A Kuwaiti student celebrates his graduation in the way of Messi. I believe that the phrase “Shill, O long life, Shell” launched by Al-Shawali and his creative method contributed to perpetuating the scene

- Rihab Daher (@rihabd) January 9, 2023

Shell, Shell, Shell, long life, Shell 😂♥️♥️🎊🥳

- MOHAMED 💫 (@MUHAMED59093816) January 9, 2023

Shel, long life Shel 🔥🥰 # ACC_2023🎓💙

- Ghaith_Rababah (@rababah_ghaith) January 8, 2023