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Fede Valverde

everything began to change in the desert of

Saudi Arabia


The Uruguayan repeats non-stop that "

something clicked for me " at the end of 2021, when he suffered a muscle injury that separated him from the


starting lineup


There he understood that he had to change his routines.

«On a trip to Uruguay,

I psyched myself up

», He says.

He improved his diet, started working with a


and the first prize came in extra time in the semifinals of the

last Super Cup





He came off the bench and scored the goal that put the white team in the final.

It was the takeoff of the little bird.

Today it is already a hawk.

That goal in the

Riyadh Clásico

was the only one for the former Peñarol player in all of last season.

A very poor figure for the

2,860 minutes played

, but he made up for it by becoming an essential part of the backbone of the League and European champions.

After the Super Cup he gained the

trust of Ancelotti

, he assumed his role as a substitute for Casemiro, Kroos and Modric and began to position himself as a wild card for the right winger due to the lack of regularity of



In February he began to play everything in the League and the Champions League return against


crowned him as the lung of comebacks.

He played almost all the continental minutes until the final in Paris (

he only rested in eight

) and put the icing on the cake by giving


the assist of the Fourteenth.

The second goal pass from him throughout the course.

A goal and two assists sound like very little for a footballer who claims to be a Madrid legend, and the Uruguayan knew it.

Also Ancelotti, ideologue of the famous bet with the young midfielder: «

You have to reach ten goals»


Before the World Cup break he had already reached eight.

His complicity with


is evident.

He is part of the group of youngsters for whom the coach is more than a coach.

He is a counselor.

Both he and


, beyond Vinicius's explosion, are a source of pride for the Italian, who assumes with both of them, even more than with Vini, the blame for his success.

De Valverde praises that he is "a modern footballer", Ancelotti being obsessed with this change of cycle that football has undergone in recent years.

«Physical, technical, he is vertical, he defends ...

Federico (nothing from Fede) has it all

», He assures.

The "stick" of Qatar


's poor performance

in the World Cup, being eliminated in the group stage, has been "

a stick

", they say, for the midfielder, who hoped to place his country among the eight best in the world.

A missed opportunity that, like the vast majority of players who were in


, still has a hard time forgetting.

"Many footballers are having a hard time changing the

World Cup

chip and concentrating on the club competition," say sources close to several of the important LaLiga locker rooms.

"It may happen that

some players are affected

by the World Cup, but to analyze all this I think we have to wait a little longer," Ancelotti admitted yesterday, who considers the Super Cup "a very important test" to see the current situation of his team.

The Italian, in addition, pulled from the memories of his youth to explain, or not, who knows, the solution to the small problems of the white team after Qatar.


When I went to school, my grandmother told me to put the book under my pillow

, and I always did well on the exam," he joked.

Fede Valverde is now in a mini-


, following to the letter the planning that

Antonio Pintus

has designed for the squad after limiting himself to the orders of

Profe Ortega

in the Uruguayan concentration.

The midfielder is not at 100%, and he has shown this with discreet performances against

Valladolid and Villarreal

, but he remains indisputable for Ancelotti.

The Italian coach, who is now out of


for the next three weeks, finds in Valverde a notable solution for the Frenchman's absence.

And besides, he still owes him two goals to reach the ten of the famous bet.

Placing the Uruguayan in the center of the field next to




will allow Carletto to give several titles to Rodrygo, who put together a great performance in the Cup and has not yet found his place permanently in the eleven.


, second option.

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