When is the SM week winter 2023?

The SM week winter 2023 begins on Monday, January 30 and ends on Sunday, February 5.

The competitions begin on Tuesday, January 31.

Where is the SM week winter 2023?

For the first time, Skövde is hosting the SM week.

Most sports will be decided at Billingen, Billingehov or in Arena Skövde, but the competitions in rally sprint, rally cross and cross kart will be decided at Falköping Motorstadion.

Which sports are included in the SM week winter 2023?





Cross-kart Bicycle trial



Drag dog

E-cycling (new for this year)

Kyokushin (full-contact karate)

Cross-country skiing

Parallel slalom



Simulator golf (new for this year)

Powerlifting (incl. bench press and para bench press)

Virtual car racing


This is how SVT broadcasts from the SM week in Skövde

Tuesday, January 31:

14.00-16.00 SVT1 SM week

14.00-15.45 SVT1 Cross-country skiing, sprint, men's and women's

Wednesday 1 February:

13.00-16.00 SVT1 SC week

13.00-14.30 SVT1 Cross-country skiing, 15 kilometer freestyle, individual start men

14.45-16.00 SVT1 Cross-country skiing, 10 kilometer freestyle, individual start ladies

Thursday 2 February:

11.30-17.30 SVT1 SM-week

11.30-14.30 SVT Play Bench Press

11.30-16.30 SVT Play Rallycross

15.40-17.30 SVT Play E-cycling

Friday, February 3:

09.30-18.00 SVT Play SM Week

10.20-17.30 SVT1 SM

WEEK 09.30-11.30 SVT1 Draghund

09.30-12.30 SVT Play Strength

Lift 11.30-15.30 SVT Play Simulator

Golf 11.40-12.30




SVT Play Wrestling

16.30-17.30 SVT1 Wrestling

18.00-21.00 SVT Play Cycle trial and X-trial

Saturday 4 February:

09.00-17.50 SVT1 SM week

09.20-11.50 SVT1 Cross-country skiing, 15/30 km classic style, mass start, ladies/

gents 12.00-13.30 SVT1 Cycle trial and X-trial

13.25-14.30 SVT Play Virtual car racing

14.00-14.30 SVT1 Virtual car racing

14.25-15 SVT1 Parallel Slalom

15.30-16.50 SVT Play Kyokushin

15.40-17.50 SVT Play Wrestling

16.15-16.45 SVT1 Kyokushin

16.50-17.50 SVT1 Wrestling

Sunday, February 5:

09.00-17.55 SVT1 SM week

09.05-11.30 SVT1 Cross-country skiing, relay, classic style, ladies/

gents 10.25-16.30 SVT Play Rally

11.45-13.30 SVT1 Rally

12.30-14.30 SVT Play Simulatorgolf para

13.00-14.30 SVT Play Simulator Boccia

14.30-14 para

14.30-16.30 SVT1 Rally

15.00-18.00 SVT Play Dance

17.00-17.55 SVT1 Dance

Times are approximate and may change.

Everything that is broadcast on SVT1 is also broadcast on SVT Play.

Previous SM weeks winter

2022: Piteå

2021: Canceled due to the corona pandemic

2020: Canceled due to the corona pandemic

2019: Sundsvall

2018: Skellefteå

2017: Söderhamn

2016: Piteå

2015: Örebro

2014: Umeå

2013: Falun

2012: Östersund

2011: Sundsvall

2009: Sundsvall

CUT FROM THE SC WEEK 2022: This was how Charlotte Kalla's last race was - won the SC bronze in the three mile (28/3)

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Charlotte Kalla during her last career race.

Photo: Bildbyrån