It was in the intervening days that it was announced that at the turn of March-April both the women's and men's WC will be arranged in Åby-Tjureda just north of Växjö.

This meant that there would be another Women's World Cup in just one year, normally the Women's World Cup is held every other year.

The Norwegian federation quickly turned down the place despite having a silver medal to defend.

- No, we see no sporting value in it.

And everything like this costs money, which we have not planned for, said Tomas Jonsson, general secretary of the Norwegian Bandy Federation to Bandypuls.

The decision has caused irritation in many quarters.

A small sport like women's handball doesn't need more dropouts.

Russia has already been excluded.

"Kicks down on a good initiative"

- The Swedish Bandy Federation takes a good initiative and organizes the WC for the ladies as well.

It's good for the sport.

I don't understand how we don't work to facilitate and thus be able to contribute to further developing the sport, but rather strike down such a good initiative," says Laura Andresen Follesö to NRK.

Especially that it is such a short distance to the WC arena further blocks the anger.

- How much can it cost to send 20 ladies there on a bus?

If it's about the money, I think Bandy-Norge will stand up.

It is bad that the ladies are not also allowed to participate when Sweden offers an extraordinary WC, says Helle Berntsen-Lillejord, who ended her career with a WC silver last year.

The Norwegian Bandy Federation refers to a decision taken at the annual meeting in June (when it was not known that the Women's WC would be arranged) and that it is not the economy that rules.

Now players and benevolent leaders hope to get a place by organizing an extra annual meeting.