On Thursday, the men's individual 20 kilometers were decided in Rupdholding.

In the middle of the race, the power went out - which was noticeable both in the broadcast and on site at the competition.

- I thought that there were no lights on the embankment, says Sebastian Samuelsson to SVT Sport.

He continues:

- They shouted to us in the track that the data center was not working.

So they had no times to give us.

I didn't understand what the problem was at first, but I heard it was a power outage afterwards.

"Just got dark"

Norwegian skier Sturla Holm Lägreid says he was affected by the power outage.

- The shooting went well, I felt I had proper control, then it just got dark all of a sudden on the last shot so it was difficult to see the dots, he tells NRK.

He finished fourth after a miss in the final shot.

- It is a mistake by the organizers.

You have to make sure to fix that, says Läreid.

Afterwards, the IBU ruled that the result in the competition stands.

Samuelsson finished in 30th place.

Norwegian giant Johannes Thignes Bö won the competition.