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  • The executive committee of the French Football Federation is organizing an extraordinary meeting this Wednesday morning at the headquarters of the FFF to decide on the fate of Le Graët.

  • The thirteen members of the Comex should try to convince their president to withdraw, for the good of the institution, but the last word will be up to him.

  • For his part, the president of the National Ethics Council of the FFF officially called for the resignation of the former mayor of Guingamp.

  • It will also be a question during this comex of the extension of Didier Deschamps, decided by NLG without the slightest consultation with his team.


: We leave for a tour with, this Wednesday, the extraordinary meeting of the Comex at 87 boulevard de Grenelle, the headquarters of the French Football Federation.

If it is difficult to predict the decisions that will result from these explanations at the top between the fourteen members of the executive committee, it seems impossible that things will remain as they are at the end of this discussion which promises to be eventful.

The FFF and its all-powerful boss have never been so close to the end of their era.

This is one of the great moments in the history of French football.

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