• Olympic Shooting Los Ballesteros, a family of record

Jorge Ballesteros, considered

the best Spanish athlete in the practical shooting modality (IPSC)

, died on Tuesday at the age of 39, at the La Paz Hospital.

This has been confirmed by the Royal Spanish Olympic Shooting Federation, which does not detail the circumstances of his death.

According to the Jara y Sedal magazine, citing sources in the field of shooting, Ballesteros, who was a national police officer, was found wounded by a gunshot, in a very serious condition, inside his vehicle.

Jorge Ballesteros, a member of a family of shooters, was considered one of the most outstanding international specialist competitors in Olympic shooting.

The Federation recalls that he was

the 2017 Open world champion, he also had three Europeans, six Extreme Europe Opens and 17 Spanish championships.

The condolence note from that federation recalls that, after practicing different sports, he began training in Olympic shooting at the age of 16 at the request of his father.

Just turned 18, he participated in the first Spanish Championship and obtained the absolute title in Open.

He began a career that led him to successfully compete in the most important international championships.

Jorge Ballesteros was an expert in the IPSC modality, in which the shooters complete a course with different targets and the speed of movement, aim and precision of impacts are valued.

A little over a month ago, in an Instagram post, the athlete wrote that

"sometimes you win and sometimes you learn"


He said it regretting having lost the Open world champion title to Christian Sailer, to whom he recognized that "honor".

He then regretted not having been "competitive enough."

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