- We are very happy about the decision.

It has been very clear that a positive test in Sweden means five days of isolation and a requirement for a negative test to be ready to play again.

But now even a test with a CT value over 30 counts as a negative test and that makes the possibilities of coming back to the tournament somewhat greater, says Denmark's national team manager to TV2 Sport.

A low CT value means that the virus concentration in the sample is high.

Roughly calculated, CT values ​​of 17, 27 and 37 respectively correspond to an occurrence of one billion, one million and 1,000 virus copies respectively in the sample.

For the Danish national team, this means that the isolated Mads Mensah Larsen can be ready to play earlier than expected.

- We will test Mads again and if that test is negative or has a sufficiently high CT value, he is not considered to be infected and then he is ready to enter the squad and play.

We're keeping our fingers crossed for that, says Henriksen.

All players were tested 72 hours before their arrival at the WC and will then also be tested before the intermediate round and before the knock-out matches.