Hyundai E&C, the leader in women's volleyball, continued to run ahead after defeating second place Heungkuk Life Insurance, who is playing the season without a coach, after a close match in a full set.

This is reporter Yoo Byung-min.


While 4,500 spectators flocked to the Samsan Gymnasium where the women's volleyball 1st and 2nd place match was held on weekdays, leading Hyundai E&C succeeded in overtaking the initiative.

After winning the 1st set after 5 deuces, I drove the momentum and even took the 2nd set.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, who led the team with acting Kim Dae-gyeong and coach Choi Ji-wan, decided to play the season without a formal coach, and launched a counterattack with star star Kim Yeon-kyung.

Kim Yeon-kyung was responsible for 8 points alone in the 3rd set and flew, and in the 4th set she also scored 7 points and led the match to the 5th set.

In the 5th set, where they couldn't back down, Hyundai E&C's support was stronger.

In a tie of 11 to 11, after seizing the victory with consecutive blocking, Go Ye-rim's sub-ace put an end to the bloody fight.

1st place Hyundai E&C won a sweaty victory over Heungkuk Life Insurance in 2nd place without a manager after a full set and continued to lead the way by widening the difference to 5 points.


Korean Air, the leader of the men's division, overcame the lowest ranked Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and continued its solo run with 3 consecutive wins.

Local giant gun Lim Dong-hyuk and main gun Ji-seok Ji led the team to victory with 36 points.


In the last game of the first half of men's basketball ahead of the All-Star Game, the leading Ginseng Corp. defeated 3rd place Hyundai Mobis and happily rounded the halfway point.

(Video coverage: Park Seung-won, video editing: Lee Jung-taek)