The first grand sumo tournament is on the 4th day.

Takakeisho, a lone ozeki, defeated Mitakeumi and kept one loss.

Win or lose after middle school

▽ Treasure Fuji is "pushed out" by Ryu Mito.

▽ Toryu and Chiyomaru are Toryu's "good throws".

▽ Kotoeko's Kensho is "Yorikiri" by Kotoeko.

▽ Ichiyamamoto is "Hatakikomi" in the sea of ​​Oki.

▽ Tochinoshin and Kotokatsuho are "Yorikiri".

▽ Aoyama won by "withdrawal" against Akira.

▽ Shōma Chiyo throws a scoop to Kai Hirado.

▽ Saki Abusa "pushes out" to Endo.

▽ Wang Peng and Takashi's victory "sent out".

▽ Ura ni Ryuuden won with Ryuuden's "defeat".

▽ Nishiki-fuji in Myogi-ryu is Nishiki-fuji ``smashing''.

▽ Nishikigi "pushed out" in the sea of ​​Sada.

▽ Green Fuji and Hokusho Fuji are Hokusho Fuji.

▽ Shinkomusubi's Kotonowaka and Kirimayama "Scoop Throw".

▽ Shinkomusubi Wakamotoharu Meisei won the first win of Wakamotoharu's retake with "push out" and won the first victory.

▽ Takayasu wins Shoenaru with "sticking out" and is the first victory in Imabasho.

▽ Hoshoryu won Tamawashi with Hoshoryu's "stopping", making it a 4-game winning streak.

▽ Daieisho and Wakatakakage are "pushed out" by Daieisho.

▽ In Shodai, Aen is "protruding".

▽ Ozeki Takakeisho Mitakekai defended one loss with Takakeisho's "push".

Juryo Terutsuyoshi ends losing streak at 19

Juryo Terutsuyoshi ended his 19-loss streak from last fall tournament.

Terutsuyoshi suffered 15 consecutive losses from the first day in 31 years in the Kyushu tournament last November, when he faced the 16th maegashira. Now we have reached the place.

Imabasho, who had lowered the ranking to the 10th jūryō of the West, had a difficult early stage with three consecutive losses from the first day, but on the 11th, the 4th day, Hideno, the 9th jūryō of the West. I won the sea with a "stop" and stopped the losing streak at 19.

Terutsuyoshi did not respond to remote interviews after the engagement.