Football fans celebrated the Italian goalkeeper legend, Gianluigi Buffon, after he appeared brilliantly during his team's Parma match against Inter Milan - yesterday, Tuesday - in the Italian Cup, and they circulated video clips showing his distinctive saves during the confrontation, in a way that does not suit his age, according to followers.

Buffon is currently playing for Parma club - where he witnessed his first brilliance in Italy - who faced Inter Milan in the Italian Cup, in a strong marathon match that ended with Inter winning 2-1.

The match lasted 120 minutes, during which Buffon performed remarkably, and commented after the match on his Twitter account, saying: “We struggled to achieve the dream, and really gave everything we had, but unfortunately it was not enough. Losing is always unfortunate, but these evenings make us understand our value.” the real one."

Abbiamo lottato per inseguire un sogno.

Abbiamo dato davvero tutto quelo che avevamo ma purtroppo non è bastato.

Perdere dispiace semper ma serate come queste non possono che farci capire il nostro reale valore.

Grazie a tutti coloro che ci hanno spinto fino al 120esimo!


— Gianluigi Buffon (@gianluigibuffon) January 10, 2023

Despite the loss of Parma, the Italian and international platforms celebrated Buffon after his distinguished level, which is not commensurate with his age, as he will be 45 years old this month, which is the age that football fans are not used to when footballers reach in their career.

One of Buffon's saves during the meeting received a special celebration, as he was able to keep Parma equalizing in the 90th minute of regular time, after a distinguished reaction that prevented Bosnian striker Edin Dzeko from scoring, after a powerful shot from inside the penalty area.

Tweeters shared pictures of Buffon's first appearance in the Italian Cup with Parma in 1997, which passed 25 years ago.

Vinte and Cinco anos depois de sua Estreia na Coppa Italia com o Parma, Gianluigi Buffon entrou em campo pela competição novamente nesta terça.

O Parma foi eliminado nas oitavas de final pela Inter, ao perder por 2 a 1, na prorrogação.

Buffon complete 45 anos no próximo dia 28.

- Gustavo Hofman (@gustavohofman) January 10, 2023

Many praised the persistence and determination that helped Buffon reach this age, and he is still able to participate in matches and appear in this distinctive image.

The "Squaca" website - which specializes in football statistics - also indicated that Buffon played his first match with Parma club, while a large number of players who were on the field - yesterday, Tuesday - were not yet born.

Were the players in Parma's starting XI vs Inter Milan tonight born when Gianlugi Buffon first played in this fixture in 1997:

➖ Buffon

❌ Del Prato

❌ Balogh

❌ Valenti

✅ Osorio

✅ Vazquez

✅ Bernabe Garcia

❌ Sohm

✅ Estevez

❌ Benedyczak

❌ Man


— Squawka (@Squawka) January 10, 2023

Sports journalist Turki Al-Ghamdi commented on his Twitter account, saying, "A great meeting presented by the legend Gigi Buffon, a decisive save in stoppage time that gave Parma the opportunity for extra runs, and far from everything, we do not forget that he will be 45 years old this month, a true legend." .

Buffon is considered the most important goalkeeper in the history of Italy, and one of the most prominent football goalkeepers in its history, and he achieved dozens of championships with Juventus and the Italian national team.

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90' Inter 1 - 1 Parma

Cos'hai parato Gigi…!

Dzeko va a colpo sicuro, Buffon con un grande riflesso blocca a terra il pallone #InterParma #CoppaItaliaFrecciarossa

— 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐦𝐚 𝐂𝐚𝐥𝐜𝐢𝐨 𝟏𝟗𝟏𝟑 (@1913parmacalcio) January 10, 2023

Solo pasaron 25 años.

El pueblo hero: Gianluigi Buffon.

- Andrés Yossen 🇦🇷⭐🌟⭐🇦🇷 (@FinoYossen) January 11, 2023