American wrestler Kevin Lee expressed his happiness over his conversion to Islam, and explained the reasons for that during an interview published yesterday, Tuesday, on the ESPN sports network.

Lee was talking about his recent disappearance from the limelight, what happened to his life after the birth of his child, and his choice of a new business agent, and he began to explain why he chose the Islamic religion.

"I accepted Islam, I converted to Islam and really accepted my place in life as a Muslim, and because I was always alone, Islam kind of brought me into brotherhood (with Muslims)," he said.

"I talk to more Muslims every day, and I feel good because of forming more bonds with these people," Lee added.

Let's welcome brother Kevin @MoTownPhenom to the deen of ALLAH.


— Criterion (@Criter10n) January 8, 2023

Kevin Lee talked about his new business manager, Ali Abdel Aziz, saying, "Ali is someone I've known for years. We trained together, had deep respect for each other, and he has a lot of connections in this type of sport, so the partnership succeeded."

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This is not the first time that Kevin Lee has converted to Islam. Russian wrestler Omar Konkabaev published a photo of him and Lee last August through his Instagram account, and said he was happy to know that he had become a Muslim 3 months ago.