“Russia does not extradite its citizens, but in other countries it is a risk”

No sooner had Spartak come out of vacation than he ran into a problem.

And we are not talking about injury, the departure of one of the leading players or the scandal surrounding the club's management, which the fans have become accustomed to lately.

At least one of the training camps for reasons that are not entirely clear will be missed by the team leader Quincy Promes.

On Wednesday, January 11, the red-and-whites underwent an in-depth medical examination before flying to the UAE.

However, the attacker, according to journalists, did not appear at the clinic.

The partners also refused to comment on the absence of the Dutchman, referring to the prohibition of the club's management.

So, for example, did the captain of the team Georgy Jikia.

There are no official statements on the official website on this matter, and the coaching staff remains silent.

Spartak press attache Dmitry Zelenov limited himself to a dry statement of fact the day before: “Guillermo Abascal will make a decision on who exactly will go to the training camp after UMO.”

At the same time, several publications reported at once that the striker would miss at least part of the training.

According to one version, he will definitely not fly to the first training camp in the UAE, which will take place from January 13 to 27, and may appear at the second one, also scheduled in the UAE, and the third one in Turkey.

Allegedly, the athlete has no health problems, but in January he will work with the youth team, and then with the coach that the club will provide him.

According to another version, Promes, on the contrary, will not fly to the UAE for purely medical reasons.

It is noted that he does not have a conflict with either mentors or management, and after the footballer gets in an acceptable shape, he will return to full-fledged classes.

An insider Ivan Karpov put forward a completely different point of view.

In his opinion, the legionnaire's skipping training has nothing to do with sports activities at all, but is connected with his criminal prosecution at home.

Since August 2021, an agreement has been in force between the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates on the extradition of criminals and persons accused of illegal acts.

In particular, it states that each of the countries undertakes to extradite citizens to another "for the purpose of criminal prosecution or the execution of a final sentence."

Accordingly, a football player, upon arrival, could be arrested and sent home.

Recall that in 2020, Promes attacked his cousin with a knife and injured him.

In June last year, he was ordered to pay compensation to the victim, but the investigation continues.

In addition, the athlete is suspected of paying € 250,000 as “compensation” to a drug dealer who was robbed of cocaine, and the Quincy family was allegedly involved in the case.

Lawyers believe that if the reason really lies in this, then the club did absolutely the right thing, not risking its leader.

So, Andrei Knyazev suggested that if a football player arrived in the UAE, his extradition would be quite likely.

“Russia does not extradite its citizens, but in other countries these are risks.

How likely would Promes be expelled?

Western states are treated well in such matters and meet halfway.

In this case, most likely, 50 to 50, but even if 1% or 10% remains, of course, this will be taken into account, ”Championship” quotes Knyazev as saying.

Agreed with a colleague and sports lawyer Yuri Zaitsev, who also called the likely version of the unwillingness to risk the player's freedom.

“This is just a guess as we don't have any specific information.

The fact that countries enter into agreements on cooperation in criminal and civil cases is an absolutely normal practice,” he stressed.

“Individually, it is impossible to prepare as well as with a team”

Another thing is that the absence of a leader at the training camp threatens to negatively affect Spartak.

In the next month and a half, the team will have to get in shape before the second part of the season, and already on February 22 and March 1, the most important quarterfinal matches of the Russian Cup with Lokomotiv are waiting for them.

Moreover, two other forwards, Shamar Nicholson and Alexander Sobolev, who were disqualified for a fight in a meeting with Zenit, will not be able to take part in them.

However, according to experts, the absence of the Dutchman even at all the training camps will not be a tragedy for the red-and-whites and everything will primarily depend on the professionalism of the legionnaire.

“If Promes, working with the youth team, completes all the tasks of Abascal 100%, he will be able to keep himself in good shape.

And no one doubts his highest level of skill; in any case, it will remain with him.

The first part of the season showed that the Dutchman feels great.

Of course, he will miss something, but the players are well aware of the requirements of the mentor, and they are unlikely to change dramatically in the winter.

A person has his own position on the field and a certain functionality, ”said the six-time Russian champion in Spartak Valery Kechinov.

He also believes that there are enough qualified performers in the team who are able to replace Promes at least in some spring games if he is not ready to spend 90 minutes on the field right away.

“It is clear that Quincy will not be able to take part in friendly matches, and the coaching staff will be forced to play a squad without a leader.

However, given the quality of the player, I think they will still bet on him in the spring.

At the same time, there are Anton Zinkovsky and Mikhail Ignatov in the clip, who are able to partially replace Promes.

Although at the moment he is still stronger than them.

So far, we can only guess how the team will look, for example, in cup matches with Lokomotiv, given the disqualifications of Nicholson and Sobolev.

But what to do, do not sell the Dutchman now, ”added Kechinov.

But the former Dynamo coach Andrei Kobelev is not so optimistic.

He stressed that, even diligently fulfilling all the tasks of the mentors, it is very difficult to prepare well for the resumption of the season outside the team.

According to the specialist, the player will not benefit from possible activities with the youth team, because the level of resistance will be significantly lower.

“Of course, the absence of Promes will affect both him and Spartak.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to prepare individually as well as together with the team.

After all, it's not just about working on simulators and doing other necessary exercises.

It is also required to take part in control matches and gain rhythm.

Plus, connections are developed at the training camp and certain nuances are played out.

Therefore, it will be much more difficult for Promes than if he were in a team.

But first of all, it all depends on how he himself will work and what physical level he will reach before the resumption of the season, ”said Kobelev.

At the same time, he, like Kechinov, expressed confidence that Spartak had someone to replace the Dutchman if he was not in perfect shape.

“In any case, Promes will need time to adapt.

If he is well prepared physically, two weeks is enough to find the rhythm of the game.

It's just that at the end of February - beginning of March, as long as the winter weather persists and the lawns are viscous, functional readiness will come to the fore.

And so the Dutchman knows the team very well, and the partners understand what he is capable of, ”summed up the mentor.