As we celebrate the new year 2023, it is time to meet people who are looking forward to greater success this year.

Nightline First Seat Today (12th), we will be with Shin Ji-ah, the 'star of figure skating' who launched a signal of a generational change.

Q. Active in the 2022 World Championship...

How do you feel?

[Jia Shin/National Figure Skating Player: There were a lot of really good things in 2022.

Now, it seems to be more meaningful because both the Junior World Championships and the Junior Grand Prix Finals were short and free clean.]

Q. A feat after 17 years...

Aren't you afraid of interest?

[Jia Shin/National figure skating player: It's not a big burden.

I am grateful for your interest and support.]

Q. The first Junior Grand Prix Final…

Aren't you nervous?

[Jia Shin/National Figure Skating Player: I was nervous because it was my first Grand Prix Final, but I wasn't very nervous at the scene.]

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Q. The concentration that dominates the stage...

where does it come from

[Jia Shin/National figure skating player: I think it comes from practicing hard.]

Q. How much do you practice a day?

[Jia Shin/National figure skating player: I usually do it for about 4 hours.]

Q. A gala show with a twist...

What style do you like?

[Shin Ji-ah/National figure skating player: I like soft, grand songs and programs that feel like that.

Q. When did you first start figure skating?

[Jia Shin/National Figure Skating Player: I first started in the first grade of elementary school.]

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Q. What motivated you to become a figure skater?

[Shin Ji-ah/National Figure Skating Player: There is no particular reason, and I think I naturally became an athlete because I just kept riding.]

Q. Life as an athlete is not easy...

How to relieve stress?

[Shin Ji-ah/National Figure Skating Player: I'm not the type to be stressed out, so when I'm stressed, I usually take a walk with my dog ​​or relax while playing like this.]

Q. What's your favorite food?

[Jia Shin/National figure skating player: I like tteokbokki the most.

I can't eat as much as I want, but I eat occasionally when I have time.]

Q. Growing teenagers...

Aren't you worried about changing your body shape?

[Jia Shin/National Figure Skating Player: I'm still very short, so I don't think I have any anxiety about growing up.

So if you feel like your jumps are shaking, I think I'm working harder on ground exercises now.]

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Q. Is there anything you want to improve technically?

[Jia Shin/National Figure Skating Representative: I think jumping is still unstable, so I want to hold it tighter, and now I want to work harder on the other elements, such as spin and step, to make up for it well.]

Q. 'Role Model' Is there anyone you would pick as?

[Jia Shin/National Figure Skating Player: My role model is Yuna.

I think it's because he was my favorite player from the past, and there are many things I want to be like the most.]

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Q. Winning the National Tournament...

Did you expect good grades?

[Jia Shin/National figure skating player: I didn't expect it at all, but I was very surprised to get first place.]

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Q. Competing in juniors due to age restrictions...

Aren't you sorry?

[Shin Ji-ah/National Figure Skating Player: I still think I have to run more junior competitions, so I think I'll become stronger as a senior if I step up step by step while running more junior competitions.]

Q. New Year's goals and what you want to achieve in the future What if you have a dream?

[Jia Shin/National figure skating player: I want to show more progress this season than last season, and I will practice harder to produce good results.]