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A foreign soccer coach who showed interest in the current vacant position as coach of the Korean national soccer team is a hot topic.

The protagonist is Croatia legend coach Robert Prosinecicki, who said in an interview with Sportsnears, "I want to help the Korean national team achieve the best possible result, and I want to improve the technical and tactical aspects."

"If I lead the Korean national team, it would be a great honor," he said, expressing interest in the position of the national team.

As a player, he boasted a brilliant career, such as playing for Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. At the time, he was nicknamed 'The Magician of Eastern Europe' and 'The Golden Gun of the Balkans' and showed off his great skills.

Coach Prosinechki has been showing interest in our national team since the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and I am really interested in what will happen this time.

(Edited by Kim Bok-hyung, produced by D Content Planning Department)