When is the Handball World Cup 2023?

The Handball World Cup is played on January 11-29.

Where will the 2023 Handball World Cup be played?

Sweden and Poland share the championship.

The Swedish host cities are Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Jönköping and Kristianstad.

In Poland, they play in Krakow, Gdansk, Katowice and Plock.

The final is played at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm.

This is how the Handball WC 2023 works

32 nations are participating and they are divided into eight four-team groups.

The top three teams from each group advance to the main round, where the teams are divided into four six-team groups.

The teams get the points they have taken against other teams that have advanced.

The top two teams from each group in the main round then advance to the quarter-finals.

This is how Sweden plays in the 2023 Handball World Cup

Sweden plays its group stage matches in Scandinavium in Gothenburg.

They have been drawn into Group C with Brazil, Uruguay and Cape Verde.

12 January 20.30: Sweden-Brazil

14 January 20.30: Sweden-Cape Verde

16 January 20.30: Sweden-Uruguay

If you advance from the group, you go to group 2 in the main round.

There, in such cases, you are pitted against teams from group D. Iceland, Portugal, Hungary and South Korea play in group D.

Sweden's squad in the 2023 Handball World Cup


12. Andreas Palicka, Paris Saint-Germain, 140 caps/15 goals

20. Mikael Appelgren, Rhein-Neckar Löwen, 94/2

30. Tobias Thulin, GOG, 36/0

Left sex:

15. Hampus Wanne, FC Barcelona, ​​69/279

22. Lucas Pellas, Montpellier HB, 48/155

Middle sex:

5. Max Darj, Füchse Berlin, 95/96

18. Fredric Pettersson, Fenix ​​Toulouse, 94/120

32. Oscar Bergendahl, TVB Stuttgart, 31/48

Right sex:

10. Niclas Ekberg.

THW Kiel, 201/807

11. Daniel Pettersson, SC Magdeburg, 65/149

Left Nine:

2. Jonathan Carlsbogård, FC Barcelona, ​​43/78

42. Eric Johansson, THW Kiel, 15/30

45. Olle Forsell Schefvert, Rhein-Neckar Löwen, 1/0

Nine thirty:

19. Felix Claar, Ålborg Håndbold, 47/95

24. Jim Gottfridsson, SG Flensburg-Handewitt, 132/426

Right Nine:

23. Albin Lagergren, Rhein-Neckar Löwen, 87/255

26. Linus Persson, HBC Nantes, 35/65

33. Lukas Sandell, Ålborg Håndbold, 34/82

Union captain: Glenn Solberg

Sweden's men's national team in the all-time handball WC

Sweden has won four gold (1954, 1958, 1990 and 1999), four silver (1964, 1997, 2001 and 2021) and four bronze (1938, 1961, 1993 and 1995).

It can also be noted that Sweden is the reigning European champion in handball.

The groups in the Handball WC 2023

Group A: Spain, Montenegro, Chile, Iran (Played in Krakow)

Group B: France, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Slovenia (Played in Katowice)

Group C: Sweden, Brazil, Cape Verde and Uruguay (Played in Gothenburg)

Group D: Iceland , Portugal, Hungary, South Korea (Played in Kristianstad)

Group E: Germany, Qatar, Serbia and Algeria (Played in Katowice)

Group F: Norway, North Macedonia, Argentina and the Netherlands (Played in Krakow)

Group G: Egypt, Croatia, Morocco and USA (Played in Jönköping)

Group H: Denmark, Belgium, Bahrain and Tunisia (Played in Malmö)

The entire schedule of the Handball World Cup 2023

11 January:

21.00 France-Poland

January 12:

18.00 Chile-Iran

18.00 Spain-Montenegro

18.00 Saudi Arabia-Slovenia

18.00 Cape Verde-Uruguay

18.00 Hungary-South Korea

20.30 Sweden-Brazil

20.30 Iceland-Portugal

January 13:

18:00 Argentina-Netherlands

18:00 Germany-Qatar

18:00 Bahrain-Tunisia

18:00 Morocco-USA

20:30 Norway-Macedonia

20:30 Serbia-Algeria

20:30 Denmark-Belgium

20:30 Croatia-Egypt

January 14:

18.00 Montenegro-Iran

18.00 France-Saudi Arabia

18.00 Brazil-Uruguay

18.00 Portugal-South Korea

20.30 Spain-Chile

20.30 Poland-Slovenia

20.30 Sweden-Cape Verde

20.30 Iceland-Hungary

January 15:

18:00 Macedonia-Netherlands

18:00 Germany-Serbia

18:00 Belgium-Tunisia

18:00 Egypt-Morocco

20:30 Croatia-USA

20:30 Denmark-Bahrain

20:30 Qatar-Algeria

20:30 Norway-Argentina

January 16:

18.00 Montenegro-Chile

18.00 Slovenia-France

18.00 Brazil-Cape Verde

18.00 South Korea-Iceland

20.30 Portugal-Hungary

20.30 Uruguay-Sweden

20.30 Poland-Saudi Arabia

20.30 Iran-Spain

January 17:

18:00 Macedonia-Argentina

18:00 Algeria-Germany

18:00 Belgium-Bahrain

18:00 Egypt-USA

20:30 Croatia-Morocco

20:30 Tunisia-Denmark

20:30 Qatar-Serbia

20:30 Netherlands-Norway

The main round is played on January 18-23.

The quarter-finals on January 26.

The semi-finals on January 27.

The final and the bronze match will be played on January 29.

Ten most recent winners in the handball World Cup

2021: Denmark

2019: Denmark

2017: France

2015: France

2013: Spain

2011: France

2009: France

2007: Germany

2005: Spain

2003: Croatia

CUT: List: Three keys for Sweden to win WC gold

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SVT's handball expert Magnus Grahn has listed three key factors for Sweden to take WC gold in the handball WC.

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