How does the Biathlon World Cup 2022-2023 work?

The Biathlon World Cup is decided in nine different locations, from the premiere in Kontiolahti in Finland to the conclusion in Holmenkollen outside Oslo in mid-March.

There is a break in February due to the WC in German Oberhof.

It consists of distance races, sprint races, pursuit starts, mass starts, relays, mixed relays and single mixed relays.

The individual riders compete for victory in the overall World Cup, Under 25 Cup, Distance Cup, Sprint Cup, Pursuit Start Cup and Mass Start Cup.

In addition to that, there is also a national cup and a relay cup.

Remaining Biathlon World Cup competitions

January 11-15: Ruhpolding, Germany

11 January: 13.55-16.00 SVT1 Distance, men

12 January: 13.55-16.00 SVT1 Distance, women

13 January: 14.10-16.00 SVT1 Relay, men

14 January: 14.25-15.40 SVT1 Relay, women

15 January: 12.30-13.15 SVT1 Mass start, men

15 January: 14.45-15.30 SVT1 Mass start, ladies

January 19-22: Antholz-Anterselva, Italy

19 January: 14.15-16.00 SVT1 Sprint, ladies

20 January: 14.15-16.05 SVT1 Sprint, men

21 January: 13.00-13.40 SVT1 Hunt start.


21 January: 15.00-15.45 SVT1 Hunting start, men

22 January: 11.45-13.00 SVT1 Relay, ladies

22 January: 14.30-15.45 SVT1 Relay, men

March 2-5: Nove Mesto, Czech Republic

March 2: 15.55-17.30 SVT1 Sprint, men

March 3: 15.55-17.45 SVT1 Sprint, ladies

March 4: 13.50-14.30 SVT1 Hunt start, men

March 4: 15.45-16.25 SVT1 Hunt start, ladies

March 5: 11.25-12.40 SVT Play Mixed Relay

5 March: 15.15-16.00 SVT1 Single mixed relay

March 9-12: Östersund, Sweden

9 March: 13.00-15.10 SVT1 Distance, ladies

9 March: 16.05-18.15 SVT1/SVT2 Distance, men (channel change at 18.00)

11 March: 14.00-15.15 SVT1 Relay, ladies

11 March: 16.30-18.10 SVT1/SVT2 Relay, men ( channel change at 17.50)

March 12: 13.00-13.45 SVT1 Mass start, ladies

March 12: 16.00-16.45 SVT1 Mass start, men

March 16-19: Holmenkollen, Norway

16 March: 15.00-16.50 SVT1 Sprint, men

17 March: 15.05-16.55 SVT1 Sprint, ladies

18 March: 12.30-13.10 SVT1 Hunt start, men

18 March: 15.10-15.50 SVT1 Hunt start, ladies

19 March: 12.50-13.35 SVT1 Mass start, men

19 March: 15.10-15.55 SVT1 Mass start, ladies

Sweden's A national team in biathlon


Hanna Öberg, Elvira Öberg, Linn Persson, Anna Magnusson, Mona Brorsson, Stina Nilsson, Johanna Skottheim


Jesper Nelin, Martin Ponsiluoma, Sebastian Samuelsson, Malte Stefansson, Peppe Femling

Biathlon World Cup 2021-2022

Overall Women's World Cup:

1. Marte Olsbu Röiseland, Norway

2. Elvira Öberg, Sweden

3. Lisa Theresa Hauser, Austria

Relay ladies:

1. Sweden

2. Norway

3. France

Overall Men's World Cup:

1. Quentin Fillon Maillet, France

2. Sturla Holm Lägreid, Norway

3. Sebastian Samuelsson, Sweden

Men's relay:

1. Norway

2. France

3. Germany

CLIP: Björn Ferry wants to see Mona Brorsson in the WC: "The perfect reserve"

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Björn Ferry thinks that Mona Brorsson should get a WC place.

Photo: TT News Agency