Sweden was chasing a podium place when Elvira Öberg finished fourth in the final leg of the mixed relay, 11 seconds behind third-placed Switzerland and 57 behind leading France.

She shot full in her first shooting and took over third place.

Elvira Öberg shot full even in the standing shooting but did not advance any further and Sweden finished 47 seconds behind victorious France.

Second was Italy.

Strong third stretch by Mona Brorsson

Sweden got off to a tough start in the mixed relay when Jesper Nelin lost on the final lap of the first leg and switched seventh to Martin Ponsiluoma, 46 seconds behind leading France.

Ponsiluoma received a penalty round on the prone shooting but went fast and shifted in sixth.

- It felt stable when lying down, so it's frustrating.

I didn't think there was any particular wind so it's strange, says Martin Ponsiluoma to SVT Sport.

Mona Brorsson was responsible for a strong effort on the third leg and brought Sweden up to fourth place.

- I'm very happy with what I'm doing, I couldn't have done it much better.

I struggle a lot with my body and technique, I feel how I compensate and take everything out in my stomach.

It's like doing a million situps for 7.5 km so I have cramps in the entire side of my stomach, says Mona Brorsson to SVT Sport.