Some of the members of the Japanese national baseball team for the WBC = World Baseball Classic, which will start in March this year, were announced on the 6th. A total of 12 people were selected.

Among the Japanese representatives who will face the WBC = World Baseball Classic, the following 12 members were announced on the 6th.

▼ Shohei Otani, who is active in both pitching and hitting for the Angels in the major leagues.

His jersey number is 16.

The pitcher is

Major League Baseball Padres pitcher Yu Darvish, uniform number "11".

▼ Giants pitcher Shosei Togo, jersey number "12".

▼ Lotte pitcher Aki Sasaki, jersey number "14".

▼ Orix pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, jersey number "18".

▼ Shota Imanaga of DeNA, uniform number "21".

The catcher is

Takuya Kai from Softbank, uniform number "10".

The infielder is

Seibu's Sosuke Genda, uniform number "2".

▼DeNA's Shugo Maki, jersey number "3".

▼ Yakult Munetaka Murakami, uniform number "55".

The outfielder is

▼Kensuke Kondo, who transferred to Softbank, with the uniform number "8".

▼Major League Cubs player Seiya Suzuki, jersey number "51".

That's 12 people.