In the past, the WC has been played every two years, but now there is only one year between the tournaments after a late decision.

- No, we see no sporting value in it.

And everything like this costs money, which we have not planned for, says Tomas Jonsson, general secretary of the Norwegian Bandy Federation to Bandypuls.

The Swedish bandy association is upset about the Norwegian defection.

"Bolt from the blue"

- It's very sad, of course, and in my eyes it's completely unimaginable that you don't choose to run under the conditions that apply.

It came like a bolt from the blue, says the general secretary of the Swedish association, Pär Gustafsson.

Last year, eight teams competed at the Women's World Cup, where Sweden won the final against Norway 12-0.

The USA and Finland were the strongest nations behind the final teams.

Bandy power Russia is not allowed to participate because of the war in Ukraine.

The tournament, which is played in parallel with the men's WC, is decided at the turn of March-April in Åby-Tjureda north of Växjö.