A lot can be said about the Sports Committee of the German Bundestag.

Influence and importance are not included.

The President of the German Football Association, Bernd Neuendorf, has made it clear to the committee, rather unpolitically than diplomatically, that he shares this view.

"Dear Bernd" did not even give a personal answer to the chairman of the sports committee, the SPD party friend and "Your Frank" Ullrich, when he expressed the "urgent expectation" on behalf of all parliamentary groups that the first man in German football should please in January or in February at the latest, i.e. as soon as possible, look back on the World Cup in Qatar together with the representatives of the people.

Neuendorf says: no time

Neuendorf has had an appointment with the committee since the beginning of November for March 1st.

Since the early departure of the German team from Qatar, since their prevented and unsuccessful demonstration for "One Love" and against keeping quiet;

since it also became clear that the German association was not opposed to the re-election of the unspeakable Gianni Infantino as head of the world soccer association FIFA, the sports politicians in the Bundestag found the discussion so important that they pushed for the visit to be brought forward.

But the former journalist Neuendorf, once State Secretary for Sport in the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia and now in a position of power at the head of the DFB, has no time.

Before Christmas, he had one of his lobbyists tell MPs that he had other commitments on the proposed meeting dates and that he didn't think his appearance on March 1st would be late.

The form, as Neuendorf knows, as the duped members of the Bundestag know, is cheeky.

But unlike almost all other top sports leaders in Germany, the representative of football does not have to beg the federal government for money.

The federal government is only considering the cultural program of Euro 24 with funding.

Whether that's wise or not, it's easy to gossip.

Instead of being hasty, the 19 members of the Neuendorf Sports Committee received a slap in the face.