The chase start over 10 kilometers was not a success for Anna Dyvik.

The 28-year-old finished in 28th place but is still positive about the season so far.

- I hope it will be good, there are still some glimmers of light compared to earlier in the season.

So I hope things turn around a bit now and get better when you come down from the height, says Anna Dyvik.

The next Tour de Ski race is in German Oberstdorf, at a significantly lower altitude.

Conditions that suit the 28-year-old better.

How important will it be?

- Yes, on low land you can lie on a little more and use your speed more.

The skiing here is a bit tough and it doesn't suit me very well.

How much pressure do you feel to perform and get to the WC?

- Nothing actually.

I have no focus at all on the WC.

I compete, have fun and do my best every day.

The WC is a bonus, she says.

For the WC in Planica in February, seven women's skiers have signed up for a ticket.

Anna Dyvik is among those who have not yet received any information.

Who gets the last WC places will be presented at the end of January.