"Ronaldo" tops "Twitter"... and tweeters describe his transfer to "Al-Nasr" as "an end-of-service reward."

The Portuguese star hashtag # Cristiano_Ronaldo topped the list of the most discussed topics on the social networking site “Twitter”, after announcing that he had joined Al-Nasr Club, the competitor in the Saudi Professional Football League, for a period of two years, after his contract with Manchester United was terminated last month.

The opinions of the tweeters about this deal varied between supporters and opponents, as some of them found that this transfer is a natural matter, and described it as a "severance reward" for Ronaldo, while others found that retirement was the best solution to end his great football career.

Tweeters found that Cristiano Ronaldo's joining the Saudi victory would constitute a major turning point in Saudi sports and sports tourism, and it would also raise the value of the Saudi League and its global media presence. The global media, and he will be a strong supporter not only of Al-Nasr club, but also of the rest of the clubs, including the competitors themselves.

Another said: "The arrival of the star Cristiano Ronaldo to the Saudi League is not just sports news, but a turning point in Saudi sports and sports tourism in the Gulf region in general."

Saudi singers also expressed their joy at the joining of a big star like Ronaldo to a Saudi club, indicating that they are waiting for more international stars to join the league soon, and one of them said: “I am very happy as a follower of the Saudi League with the presence of # Cristiano_Ronaldo, even if I am crescent. The big star in our league, God willing, we will soon see world stars in the league. All the best for the international don.

Tweeters congratulated the Saudi people on Ronaldo's joining a Saudi club, and considered it a success added to the Saudi sporting successes. One of the tweets said: "Best congratulations to the brothers in the Kingdom for all the successive sporting successes... Cristiano's joining the victory constitutes a new achievement in the history of Saudi football."

For their part, tweeters described Cristiano's transfer deal to the Saudi Al-Nasr club as a "end of service reward" for Cristiano, and one of them said: "Thank you for everything you have given to football fans, thank you for your commitment throughout your career to keep away from everything that affects your physical fitness, thank you for your double effort." In training to stay at the level, congratulations on signing this huge amount, you deserve it as an end-of-service reward, you have made us happy throughout your career and you were an inspiration for future generations.. you will remain a football legend.

Another said: "Cristiano Ronaldo's move to victory at the end of his Korean career with this huge amount can only be considered an end-of-service reward."

In a related context, tweeters criticized Cristiano's contract with Al-Nasr club, and emphasized that Ronaldo "has finished football", and it would have been better for him to submit his retirement.

Another said: "It was assumed that 3 years ago he would retire from playing before his level fell and become a bench sitter. I do not rule out that he will eventually sit on the bench of Al Nasr Club!!"

For their part, tweeters emphasized that this deal will be positive for Al-Nasr club in terms of media and marketing, and it will support the team technically through the presence of a great player in its ranks such as Cristiano Ronaldo, and one of them said: “A smart deal that benefits the club in the media and marketing, and the players benefit technically from contact with a player.” The size of the Don as the best players of this time.

And Saudi press reports indicated, yesterday, that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo officially signed contracts to join the ranks of the Saudi Al-Nasr team, starting in January 2023, after his departure from the English team Manchester United.

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