, December 29th. In the early morning of the 29th Beijing time, the 16th round of Ligue 1 was underway. Paris Saint-Germain played against Strasbourg at home.

With Mbappe's penalty kick at the last moment, Paris beat the opponent 2:1.

Image source: Ligue 1 Paris Saint-Germain Football Club official Weibo

  After the World Cup in Qatar, the Ligue 1 reignited the battle.

In this game, Paris Saint-Germain took the lead in entering the state.

In the 15th minute of the game, Mbappe made a free kick.

Neymar crossed into the penalty area, Marquinhos leaped high and scored with a header.

Greater Paris broke the deadlock on the court.

  In the 52nd minute of the easy side battle, Marquinhos scored an own goal and Strasbourg equalized the score.

  In the 63rd minute, Neymar was shown a second yellow card, and two yellow cards turned into one red and he was sent off.

  After that, Paris Saint-Germain tried to exceed the score again through continuous substitution adjustments.

In the 4th minute of stoppage time, Mbappe made a penalty kick, and he took the penalty kick and hit it.

  In the end, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Strasbourg 2:1.

After this game, Paris continued to rank first in the league.