Park Ji-seong, SBS commentator, looked back on the last World Cup in Qatar.

He said he was proud of the juniors who recreated the 2002 impression.

This is reporter Ha Seong-ryong.


Park, who prayed with his hands together while watching the match between Ghana and Uruguay after the match with Portugal, picked the 10 minutes that everyone held their breath as the best scene.

[Park Ji-seong/SBS Commentator: I think the scene where the players gathered together on the playground is the most memorable.

I could feel the mood, atmosphere, and emotions of the players so well…


Watching the group sliding while holding hands, I felt the thrill of 20 years ago again.

[Park Ji-seong/SBS commentator: I want to say that I am grateful and proud of the players for allowing me to feel the emotions of that time (2002) again.

To be honest, I want to give them all 100 points.]

For the growth of Korean soccer, they said that more Europeans should be raised,

[Park Ji-seong/SBS commentator: There are Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae, but overall, all players must raise their level to that level. , Because I think I will be able to look at a higher position in the World Cup…


As the technical director of Jeonbuk in the K-League, we plan to actively support Jeonbuk's Kyu-Sung Cho to go to Europe.

[Park Ji-seong/SBS commentator: (Europe) I'm thinking about how to advance the player's chances of success the most, and the result will be known if I wait.]

A scholarship delivery ceremony for prospects hosted by his foundation I finished 2022 years that was hot with.

[Park Ji-sung/SBS Commentator: Happy New Year.

I hope you will be filled with only good things.]

(Video coverage: Gong Jin-goo, Video editing: Lee Jung-taek)