It's the end of the year again

Everyone is busy summing up

as a sports reporter

I look back on the year in sports

It feels like—

pretty boring

don't rush to refute

Let's see why it's boring

2022, the year of sports

We hear the words "Sports Year"

All scalp numb








The first major event of the year - the Beijing Winter Olympics!

I rushed to the front line of the game

Witnessed the opening and closing ceremonies and countless wonderful games

The venue is really beautiful

The level of competition is really high

The Chinese team is really competitive

9 gold, 4 silver, 2 copper

After seeing it, I felt

Oh, but that's all

There is a feeling of eating too much delicacies from mountains and seas

I want to try the leek zygote of the same style as Ailing's sister

It's really not in "Versailles"~

in harmony

There's always that one team that gets in my way

That's Chinese Men's Football

New Year's Day

They just lost to Vietnam

Basically missed the World Cup in Qatar

That's it?

Want to break my defense?



Isn't it just that I was so angry that I ate a few less dumplings?

I'm bored, I#¥%...&*...%&

within two days

The Chinese women's football team staged "Reverse View" in the Asian Cup

Elimination of Japan on penalties in the semi-finals

Big reversal over South Korea in the final

Chinese women's football team wins Asian Cup for ninth time

Am I proud?


I am very calm!

I am used to the excellence of the Chinese women's football team!

Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!

In this year's F1 race

Appeared a figure of a Chinese boy

Zhou Guanyu

The first Chinese driver to participate in the F1 race

What's so great about it?

If you are capable, you get points!

Oh, I got points for the first show

that's all right

What scene... ah no... this scene

I really haven't seen it

ask me to say

Xiao Zhou's performance this year is just like that

Because it is obviously subject to mechanical failure and various accidents

Xiao Zhou will definitely improve next year

it may be normal

For Zhou Guanyu with unlimited potential

They are all "there is still room for improvement" and "looking forward to a better future"

For the national football team, uh, it is very difficult

It's all "It's already good" and "I've tried my best"

Around National Day this year

The Chinese women's basketball team presented a big gift to everyone

Women's Basketball World Cup runner-up!

Last time women's basketball reached World Cup finals

28 years ago

28 years!

Several generations of national women's basketball players work together

Only today's results

Of course, I am not surprised by this result

In recent years, the progress of the Chinese women's basketball team has been obvious

everything is a matter of course

In the future, there are more challenges

Our goal is the sea of ​​stars!

diving world cup

My mood swings are like the splash of the Chinese team entering the water

just a little ripple

Competing in 8 Olympic events

win all gold

four solo projects

Both gold and silver medals were won by Chinese players

What is dominance?

The competition of the Chinese diving team is just two words

peace of mind

Behind it is of course countless training

It gave the audience such confidence in "Versailles"

The last big game in sports in 2022

Undoubtedly the World Cup in Qatar

Our Chinese fans are always invested

Our Chinese infrastructure boss has a long face

Our Chinese pandas are always popular

Our Chinese team... ah, absent

Saudi upset over Argentina

Korean miraculous group qualifying

Croatia's invincible penalty

The black horse of Morocco shines black

World Cup in Qatar ends with Argentina's triumph

Messi has officially become the well-deserved king of the ball

I've been busy for a month

when the closing

I feel like it's the World Cup level.

World Cup winner can lose to Saudi Arabia

The national football world preliminaries can be tied with Saudi Arabia

Does it mean

Is that the same level as the World Cup champion?

With such a set, there will be many major events in the sports world in 2022

I said "boring"

In fact, the process is very involved

Hope 2023

When I say "That's it?"

All in "Versailles"

Instead of being stubborn after breaking the defense