The issue of the absence of the Spanish Real Madrid striker and the French national team, Karim Benzema, from the Qatar World Cup 2022 is still a snowball whose size is increasing with the passage of days, and the debate continues about it in French football circles, which suggested that the best player in the world could have played in the World Cup.

And the Spanish newspaper "Marca" revealed that the current season is not going well for Benzema, as the top scorer of the royal team suffered 5 relapses due to the pursuit of his injuries, which were all muscular, which kept him out of action for a period of 77 days.

Benzema was only able to play half of Real Madrid's matches this season (12 games out of 21), before he underwent x-rays in the few days leading up to the World Cup and announced the shocking news that the 35-year-old striker would be absent from France's World Cup squad.

Although more than a week has passed since the curtain fell on the World Cup in Qatar with a dramatic final, after which Argentina defeated France on penalties 4-2, there is still talk in French football circles about the way in which Benzema left the World Cup.

Karim Benzema's injury and health witnessed several developments before he left the roosters' camp. On the second of last November, he participated for 26 minutes against Scottish Celtic in the Champions League, and at that time he felt uncomfortable and muscle fatigue and missed the last two matches for Real Madrid before the start of the Qatar World Cup.

At that time, international newspapers published information stating that Benzema wanted to rest before joining his country's national team in the World Cup, but that did not help him, as on November 19 he suffered an injury to the left thigh muscles during training before the Australia match in Group D. , and was forced to leave the "roosters" camp.

The results of the MRI and x-rays showed a rupture of the fascia that surrounds the muscle, and the rest period was supposed to take 21 days before fully recovering, and this happened on the tenth of December, when Benzema joined Real Madrid 4 days before the match. Semi-final against Morocco on the 14th of the same month.

Several French and Spanish newspapers revealed in the aftermath that Benzema could have returned to play with France in the final price, specifically in the face of France and Poland 3-1, or was on the bench, especially since he was not replaced by another player from the national team list.

Je pose ça la mais avant ça j'ai consulté 3 specialists qui confirment le diagnosis que @Benzema aurait pu être apte à partir des 1/8 éme pour au moins être sur le bank!

Do you want to ask for a part of your life?

- Karim Djaziri (@KDjaziri) December 26, 2022

And Karim Al-Jaziri, a former business agent for Benzema and one of his close associates, posted a tweet on Twitter, in which he confirmed that 3 specialists confirmed that he (Benzema) could have played with the French national team during the World Cup.

Al-Jaziri added, "I consulted 3 specialists who confirmed that Benzema could have been ready, at least to be on the bench."

Days before the World Cup final, the Spanish press raised the possibility of returning with the roosters in the final, but that hypothesis was rejected by coach Didier Deschamps, before Benzema announced his retirement from playing with the French national team 3 days after the final, which led to France losing and stripping it of its title as world champion.