JVM in ice hockey

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With that, I thank you for me.

Thanks for all the nice posts.

We are back again tomorrow when Sweden plays against Germany.

Hope you will join then too!

Have a good one!

Erik Liljekvist


The match is over.

Sweden wins with a crushing 11-0.

Scots: 51-13.

It was a one-goal game.

But also a good defensive game from Sweden where they kept Austria on the outside once they got their plays in the offensive zone.

And it's positive that Sweden played its game throughout the match!

Erik Liljekvist


Sweden - Austria 11-0

Goal scorers, Sweden:

Rosén 2, Bystedt 2, Robertsson, Lekkerimäki, Oscarsson, Öhgren, Odelius, Wagner, Pettersson.

The match is broadcast on SVT.

You can see the lineup below.

Erik Liljekvist


Yesterday 22:07

MarcusN •

Thanks for a nice chat Erik and the gang.


Yesterday 22:07

Bibbi •

Thank you Erik, Chris and Micke as well as Dusan, Jonas and Marie for great reporting from the match and all the good posts from you in the chat Great with sport in the box again.

Yesterday 22:05

Gekå •

Thanks for tonight Erik.

I suspect that the "chattering" is over now.

Lovely group that was here tonight.

Good luck everyone.


Yesterday 22:05

Michel •

Thanks for tonight Erik!

I will continue to follow Jvm from Cape Town.

Thanks for tonight!

Enjoy the heat!

Erik Liljekvist


Yesterday 22:03

Gösta •

Best in the chat tonight, Ewa and Nisse!

Yesterday 22:03

MarcusN •

@Seth 13-0 ???

Yesterday 22:01

Gecko •


Guess 9-1 to Lönnlöven.