, December 26. According to Japanese media news, head coach Mori Yasuichi, who led the Japanese team to perform well in the World Cup in Qatar, has reached a basic agreement with the Japanese Football Association to renew his contract. He will lead the Japanese team to the next four years. USCAM World Cup.

The picture shows the Japanese coach Mori Baoichi

  According to relevant sources, Mori Yasuichi received an official offer from the Japanese Football Association and expressed his intention to accept it.

Although details such as the contract period have not been fully finalized, there is little suspense for Moriyasu's re-election.

  After officially signing the contract, Mori Yasuichi will become the first head coach to lead the Japanese team to participate in two consecutive World Cups, and he will lead the team to challenge the goal of the quarter-finals again.

  After the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Moriyasu initially served as the head coach of the Japanese men's football team.

In the Qatar World Cup, the Japanese team successfully broke through the "death group".

Although losing to Croatia in the 1/8 finals failed to achieve the goal of entering the quarterfinals, the Japanese Football Association still spoke highly of Mori Yasuichi's performance in leading the team to victory over Germany and Spain in this cup.