Many players caught the eye during the 2022 World Cup competitions, which concluded last Sunday in the State of Qatar, with the Argentine national team crowning the title for the third time in its history at the expense of its French counterpart.

The tournament was an ideal opportunity for players to appear, and to find an opportunity for them to play with top European clubs.

Of course, a number of them presented their credentials, and thus their market value increased significantly, including a Moroccan duo who became a requirement for many large European clubs.

10 players whose market value increased after the Qatar 2022 World Cup

In these lines, we highlight the 10 most players whose market value increased after the Qatar World Cup finals, according to the "Transfermarkt" website, which specializes in player data and statistics.

Oroline Chawamine

The 22-year-old Frenchman joined the roosters at the invitation of coach Didier Deschamps, and his market value was 80 million euros before the World Cup.

Tshwamini scored one goal in the World Cup in Qatar (Reuters)

And with his participation in the 2022 World Cup, and scoring one goal in seven matches, against England during the quarter-finals, the value of the Real Madrid star rose to 90 million euros, an increase of 10 million euros, noting that he was one of two players who missed a penalty shootout in the final. in front of Argentina.

Bukayo Saka

The young Arsenal midfielder emerged in the World Cup in Qatar, and contributed clearly to England's access to the quarter-finals.

Bucayo played 4 matches in the World Cup, during which he scored 3 goals and provided an assist, and his market value was 90 million euros.

Saka was one of the stars of England during the World Cup (Getty Images)

After his return from Qatar, the market value of the 21-year-old Saka increased by 10 million euros, to reach 100 million euros.

Jude Bellingham

Bellingham, a citizen of Saka, joined this list, after his market value increased by about 10 million euros, to settle at 110 million.

Bellingham, 19, participated in five matches in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, during which he scored one goal and contributed another.

Qatar World Cup raised the market value of Blingham (Anatolia)

The German star Borussia Dortmund is one of the main targets of the Spanish club Real Madrid, which has aimed to sign young players in recent years.

Ezzedine Onahi

The Moroccan international grabbed the spotlight in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and was one of the most prominent stars of the World Cup, according to the testimony of most critics and analysts.

Onahi led the Moroccan national team to finish its participation in the World Cup in fourth place, an unprecedented achievement in Arab and African football.

Moroccan Azzedine Onahi participated in all matches of the Moroccan national team during the Qatar World Cup (French)

Onahi (22 years), who played the seven matches with the “Atlas Lions”, stood out, as his market value increased by 11.5 million euros.

The market value of Onahi, the French player of Angers, before the World Cup was 3.5 million euros, and now it has risen to 15 million euros.

Sufyan Amrabat

In parallel with his compatriot Onahi, Amrabat, the Italian midfield player in Fiorentina, caught the attention of many European clubs that wanted to benefit from his services.

The market value of Amrabat amounted to 10 million euros before the World Cup, to rise by 15 million after the end of the World Cup, to reach 25 million euros.

Soufiane Amrabat starred in the World Cup in Qatar (Reuters)

According to many reports, Liverpool is ready to spend 40 million euros, in order to persuade Fiorentina to give up the services of its star.

Cody Gackbo

The young Dutchman presented his credentials early after his success in scoring 3 consecutive goals in the first round of the Qatar World Cup against Senegal, Ecuador and Qatar.

Gakpo's career with the Netherlands national team stopped at the quarter-final stage, after losing to Argentina on penalties, after the match that ended in a 2-2 draw.

Cody Gakbo, one of the discoveries of the 2022 World Cup (Reuters)

Gakpo, the 23-year-old PSV striker, is now seen as one of the most prominent strikers in the world, with a market value of 60 million euros, an increase of 15 million euros over the run-up to the Qatar World Cup.

Joshko Guardiol

The young Croatian international (20 years old) received many expressions of praise and compliments, with his remarkable appearance in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

In addition to his distinguished defensive role with Croatia, Guardiol was known as the "masked" man during the World Cup in Qatar, and he also defends the colors of the German club Leipzig.

Many analysts believe that Guardiol is waiting for a wonderful future, and many clubs are trying to include them, led by Real Madrid and Manchester City.

Gvardiol is wanted by major European clubs (Getty Images)

The market value of the player who scored a single goal in the World Cup in Qatar, against Morocco in the ranking match, to help his country finish in third place and achieve the bronze medal, rose to 75 million euros.

Julian Alvarez

The prominent role played by the young striker, in order to give Argentina the World Cup title for the third time in its history, cannot be overlooked.

Alvarez, 23, played 7 matches in the World Cup, during which he scored 4 goals, 3 of which were in the knockout stages against Australia in the final (1) and Croatia in the semi-final (2).

Alvarez was one of the stars of Argentina in the World Cup (Reuters)

The market value of the striker, who moved from Argentine River Plate to Manchester City last summer, rose from 32 million euros, to settle at 50 million.

Enzo Fernandez

Fernandez started the World Cup in Qatar from the bench, but soon took his place in the starting line-up of Argentine coach Lionel Scaloni.

Fernandez presented his credentials, and became an indispensable piece in Scaloni's composition, to play the rest of the "tango" matches in the 2022 World Cup.

Enzo Fernandez was named the best young player in the World Cup in Qatar (Reuters)

In seven matches, Fernandez scored a goal, and ended the Qatar World Cup by winning the best young player award in the tournament, and accordingly his market value rose from 35 million euros to 55 million.

According to TYCSports, Benfica rejected an attractive offer from Liverpool to take advantage of Fernandez's services, amounting to 100 million euros.

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe presented a distinguished version with the French national team in the World Cup in Qatar and is expected to carry the torch of absolute stardom in the world of football - along with the Norwegian Erling Haaland - after the end of the era of the Argentine duo Lionel Messi and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

Mbappe proves, day after day, the validity of these hypotheses, by scoring many goals with Paris Saint-Germain and the French national team, in addition to winning the 2018 World Cup, and he was close to the second in 2022.

Mbappe scored 8 goals in the World Cup (French)

Mbappe was crowned top scorer for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, with 8 goals, with a single goal difference from Argentine Lionel Messi, his colleague in Saint-Germain.

As a result, Mbappe (24 years old) claimed the top of the players with the highest market value from Haaland, after he reached 180 million euros, an increase of 20 million from the period leading up to the World Cup, while Haaland comes after him with a value of up to 170 million euros.