FIFA announced that Brazilian player Richarlison's goal against Serbia won the award for the best goal in the 2022 World Cup by public vote, after a competition with a number of distinguished goals.

Richarlison had scored the goal in the match that brought the two teams together in the first round of the group stage, through a wonderful scissor that inhabited the far right of the goal, and the goalkeeper was unable to deal with it.

🎥 FIFA chooses the Brazilian Richarlison goal against Serbia as the best goal in the World Cup # Qatar 2022 🏆👌# Doha_Stadium

- Doha Stadium (@staddoha) December 23, 2022

FIFA had launched, through its official website, a vote to choose the best among the 10 selected goals, and it ended yesterday evening, Thursday.

The list included the goal of Saudi star Salem Al-Dosari against Argentina, who led the Saudi team to inflict the only loss on the Argentine national team, which finally won the title.

It also included the goal of French star Kylian Mbappe against Poland, when he fired the ball distinctively into the far corner.

And the goal of Cameroonian Vincent Abu Bakr against Serbia.

The Brazilian national team attended with 3 goals, the first was Richarlison's winning goal, the second for the player himself against South Korea, and the last was Neymar's goal against Croatia, which came after a wonderful deception of the defense and dribbling of the goalkeeper.

The list also included several distinguished goals, as the tournament witnessed an abundance of distinguished goals, within a historical number of goals scored, which reached 172 goals, in an unprecedented record in the history of the World Cup.