An Argentine newspaper reviewed 5 main reasons behind Lionel Messi, the world champion and best player in the Qatar World Cup 2022, approaching the extension of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, which ends in the summer of 2023.

And before he led his country last Sunday to winning the World Cup for the third time in its history and the first since 1986, the Paris Saint-Germain administration reached a preliminary agreement with Jorge Messi, the father and agent of the Argentine star, regarding extending his stay in Paris for at least one additional year.

Messi imposed himself as a star for the Qatar World Cup 2022, the version that many observers considered the last in his career, and led Argentina to crown the title in the wake of a dramatic final against France, with a penalty shootout 4-2, after a 3-3 draw in normal and extra time.

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The Argentine newspaper "Ole" (OLE) said that there were 5 reasons that prompted Messi to agree in principle with Paris Saint-Germain to renew his contract, including those related to personal and family motives, including what is primarily athletic.

The newspaper revealed that the discussion of Lionel Messi's future with Paris Saint-Germain began before the start of the World Cup between Luis Campos, the sports director of the French club, who replaced the Brazilian Leonardo, and Jorge Messi, Leo's father and his agent, before things became clear and turned towards a positive trend in the last hours.

According to the newspaper "Olé", the five reasons for Messi and Paris Saint-Germain's agreement to extend the contract are:

– Messi's conditions improved in Paris and his merger with the club

At the beginning of his move to Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2021, Messi found difficulties in living in Paris, and he went through a difficult time at first, and this is justified, according to the newspaper.

After living in Barcelona for many years, making friends, and having a private home there, it has always been considered Messi's favorite place in the world, but he was suddenly forced to leave all that and move to Paris, and it was not easy for him at first, but with the passage of time Messi himself admitted that he had finally merged. He fully adapted to the City of Lights, which made him feel comfortable to continue his stay there.

Messi's wife and children adapt to life in France

Messi previously stated that the sudden move to Paris was difficult for him and his wife, Antonella, and even more difficult for their three children.

Messi, his wife and children celebrate the title after winning the 2022 Qatar World Cup (Reuters)

"I remember that the first day we took them to school was terrible," Messi said. ".

He added, "After a short period it was very easy, they adapted very quickly to school and with friends, at first Thiago and Mateo, then Ciro was also in very good shape."

- Winning the World Cup

Messi's coronation as world champion with Argentina was also decisive in his choice to continue with Paris Saint-Germain, and his remarkable emergence in the World Cup finals is what he most aspired to, and for that he fought hard, gave everything and became the captain of Argentina.

Messi is preparing to resume his sports career with a new spirit, being a world champion for the first time (Getty Images)

And after achieving new global glory in Qatar and then returning to Argentina to celebrate the coronation, Messi will resume a new phase of his career full of energy, and this certainly motivated him more to continue his stable career with Paris Saint-Germain.

The big challenge: the European Champions League

The previous version of the Champions League 2021-2022 was the first version in which Messi wore the shirt of a club other than Barcelona, ​​with Paris Saint-Germain, his current team when he was eliminated against Real Madrid, but Messi now has a new challenge with the team, as he will play the current version while he is World champion, and will face Bayern Munich in the round of 16.

Lionel Messi won 4 Champions League titles with Barcelona, ​​​​but the biggest challenge for him with Paris Saint-Germain is to give the club this title for the first time in its history.

- Continue at the highest level

Messi is currently 35 years old, and he aspires to maintain his high morale in order to continue to compete at the highest level for group titles and personal awards.

It is clear that Messi, in addition to his talent and great sacrifices - especially with his country's national team - wants to confirm that he is indeed a legend, and this challenge passes through his continuation in a big club and a bet on titles such as Paris Saint-Germain.