Women's leaderboard.

  China News Service, December 22. On the 21st local time, the International Skating Federation announced the "Crystal Ball" standings after the four short track speed skating World Cup events.

Holland star Schulting and Korean player Park Ji-won temporarily ranked first in the women's and men's rankings respectively.

  For women, Holland's star Schulting temporarily ranks first with 712 points, followed by Saraut (Canada), Kumju-ri (South Korea), Santos (USA) and Shen Xixi in second to fourth place.

Men's leaderboard.

  For men, Park Ji-won and Hong Kyung-hwan of South Korea took the top two in the men's standings, Canadian duo Dubois and Dion ranked third and fourth respectively, and Kazakhstan's Nikisha ranked fifth.

  The "Crystal Ball" is a new award introduced by the International Skating Federation this season, and it is awarded to the player with the highest total points in the men's and women's World Cups.

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