The Moroccan national team jumped 11 places in the monthly ranking issued by the International Federation of Football Associations, occupying the 11th place and leading the ranking of African and Arab teams, while the Argentina national team, which won the Qatar World Cup, did not succeed in topping the “FIFA” classification.

The "Atlas Lions" reached the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar and lost the ranking match against Croatia with two goals without a response and finished fourth in an unprecedented achievement for African and Arab football, bringing it to the best global position in the history of Moroccan football.

As for Croatia, who won the bronze medal in the World Cup in Qatar, it advanced 5 places in the world rankings and broke into the list of the top ten teams and ranked seventh.

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It is remarkable in the ranking that the "Tango" team, the world champion, finished second, behind Brazil, by about 70 points.

FIFA explains the reason: "Argentina did not beat France in normal or extra time, and if they had done so, they would have topped the rankings."

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As for the most prominent teams that witnessed a great progress in their position in the rankings, they are Australia, which jumped 11 places and advanced to the 27th place, and Cameroon did the same by advancing to the 33rd place after it jumped 10 places in the rankings.

As for the Saudi national team - which defeated Argentina, the world champions - it advanced two places and became 49th. Denmark also left the list of the top ten teams and fell 10 places from eighth to 18th.

Here are the top ten globally:

  • Brazil

  • Argentina

  • France

  • Belgium

  • England

  • Holland

  • Croatia

  • Italia

  • Portugal

  • Spain

  • Arabic classification:

    • Morocco (11th globally)

    • Tunisia (30th globally)

    • Egypt (39 worldwide)

    • Algeria (40th globally)

    • Saudi Arabia (49 globally)

    • Qatar (60th globally)

    • Iraq (68 worldwide)

    • UAE (70th globally)

    • Oman (75 globally)

    • Jordan (84 globally)

    African classification:

    In addition to the Arab teams, the following shows the classification of African teams:

    • Senegal (19th globally)

    • Cameroon (33rd worldwide)

    • Nigeria (35th globally)

    • Mali (45th globally)

    • Ivory Coast (47th worldwide)

    • Burkina Faso (50th globally)