Experts review investment and financing in the field of football in Dubai

Prominent heads of international football associations, global investors and government officials reviewed the most prominent investment and financing solutions in the future of the new sports economy, especially in the field of football, through ten dialogue sessions hosted by the global "Investopia" platform in Dubai.

The event was attended by Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy and President of Investopia, Bernard Chiazo, President of the Global Football Alliance, Mohammed Nasser Al Zaabi, CEO of the Investopia Global Investment Platform, and prominent international sports figures such as Javier Tebas, President of the Spanish League, And Vincent Labrune, President of the French League, in addition to a number of the most important personalities from the world of sports and football in the UAE and the world.

The speakers of the “Harnessing the Media Power of Football for Business” session concluded that all football clubs can interact with their fans, reach a wider audience and adopt new activities that will increase their income through the use of new media.

In another session entitled "Is professional football reserved for billionaires?", the speakers considered that football was a recreational sport, but today it is an industry that brings large investments, and they also indicated that investment companies should work to strengthen cooperation with governments to develop the future of sports and attract investments. New infrastructure and entertainment for various sports sectors.

Another session dealt with "the role of stock markets in the fields of sports", where the participants indicated that private equity spends $ 51 billion on sports transactions annually in the world, and the sports sector attracts private equity because of the opportunities for financial and market growth and the motivation of the passion for the sports industry from investors and the public .

Participants also indicated that investing in sports is safe because it is regulated by laws, and there is a clear vision for progress and development, and the bulk of the financial returns come from privileges and public relations.

The health and technology files and their relationship to sports had a special session in the Investopia event, where the participants saw that it is easy to spread health awareness in societies that practice sports.

In another session on “Importance of Blockchain Technology in the New Sports Economy”, participants addressed the role of Blockchain technologies in revolutionizing how fans interact with sports memorabilia by giving them more ownership and access to invest and show loyalty to their clubs. Suggesting that blockchain technologies are worth investing in today.

On a related note, participants in the "The Future Now - Innovation in Football" session suggested that leagues and clubs can use technology to interact directly with fans to obtain a greater share of revenue, especially since technology applications allow fans to interact with their clubs and players differently.

Participants in a session on “Assets as Alternative Opportunities in Financing” suggested carefully studying the structures of capital management and financing in football, noting that involving football fans in financing sports clubs has become one of the most important financing solutions during the current period, which contributes to supporting the future of sports investment. .

Participants also saw financing alternative lenders as multi-billion dollar funding for football clubs enabling new product creation but that requires changes.

The participants in the "Building Smart Stadiums of the Future" session made several recommendations, most notably that the capacity of the stadiums in the past depended on the participating teams, but now one must think about what is happening around the stadium.

Participants said that the VIP areas in the stadiums now represent 80% of the stadiums’ revenues, proposing to take advantage of this important experience, as owning distinctive facilities and stadiums allows VIPs to enjoy great offers and makes people want to attend the games.

During the "Making World Champions" session, the participants highlighted the importance of finding a balance between the player combining personal and academic education with success playing football.

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