Scandicci social media screenshots.

  China News Service, December 21. In the early morning of the 21st, Beijing time, Serie A volleyball club Scandic announced that Chinese player Zhu Ting had won the Golden Lion Award, and posted a photo of Zhu Ting holding the trophy.

  It is reported that this award is issued by the Italian China Council, and is mainly awarded to outstanding figures who have made outstanding contributions in culture, sports, and music, and have built bridges for cultural exchanges and communication between China and Italy.

  After receiving the honor, Zhu Ting recorded a video to express her gratitude. She said: "Hi everyone, I am Zhu Ting. I am very grateful to the Italian China Council for this award. During the period of playing in Italy, I am very grateful to everyone for taking care of me. And support and encouragement, I will play better and more exciting games and balls, and I hope to see you on the court, thank you."

  Since joining the Serie A club Scandic, Zhu Ting has quickly become an indispensable main player in the team.

In the league, Zhu Ting helped the team overcome difficulties many times and won single-game MVP many times.

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