The increasing demand for "bisht" in Argentina

“Al-Bisht” topped the list of requests on websites in Argentina, after team captain Lionel Messi imitated the Bisht during the closing ceremony of the 2022 World Cup.

And the Clarin newspaper in Argentina reported that after the country's national team was crowned, the main online sales pages offered copies of the "bisht" worn by Lionel Messi when he lifted the World Cup.

One of the distributors of Messi's mantle, or "Arab Messi mantle," promoted the sale of a low-cost version of the bisht for 10,000 pesos.

The newspaper pointed out that the “bisht” is now being offered on popular online sales sites.

To bring it to Argentina, it is necessary to pay approximately 9 thousand pesos, not counting shipping and customs fees, equivalent to 52 dollars.

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